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Sri Lanka President asks UNP to deliver or depart

By Our Political Correspondent

Jul 07, 2017 06:31 AM GMT+0530 | 26 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT - President Maithripala Sirisena has virtually declared a three-month deadline for his coalition government to prosecute those responsible for high profile murders and corruption, or risk losing its hold on power.

Sirisena told the cabinet meeting on Tuesday that he was extremely uneasy about alleged backroom dealings between two members of the UNP-led government and key figures of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s administration.

“The President said he was aware of those who have cut deals to either delay or scuttle some of the ongoing investigations,” a ministerial source said. “This is unacceptable.”

The president told his cabinet that high profile cases would have been completed in three months if he controlled the law and order ministry, as well as the attorney general’s department.

In a clear reference to Sirisena’s displeasure, Law and Order minister Sagala Ratnayaka issued a statement on Thursday defending his record and at the same time saying he was ready to go if the President was unhappy with his performance. (see story here)

Senior police and state attorneys have told the authorities they were under political pressure to go easy on some of the suspects under investigation although much evidence had been gathered and they were about to file action.

“If the Rajapaksa regime is back, there will be no problem for UNP ministers,” the President had said. “But the first people to be persecuted will be me and my family. Nothing will happen to the Prime Minister too.”

After unusually blunt accusations against the UNP-led group of the coalition, the president and some UNP seniors, including Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, sat down for a special closed door meeting to address Sirisena’s concerns.

“The agreement is to fast-track at least the 10 most serious cases in the next three months,” the source said.

He said fingers were pointed at police Inspector-General Pujith Jayasundara for the inordinate delay, while seniors at the AG’s department were also seriously criticised, but the President focused on political interference.

It has now become an open secret that the President wanted changes at the ministry of Law and Order and Justice during the May reshuffle, but Wickremesinghe’s resistance prevailed.

However, after the latest outburst on Tuesday, Sirisena has effectively put the entire government on three month’s notice to show tangible progress in the Lasantha Wickrematunga and Wasim Thajudeen murders, and mega corruption cases. Members of the former first family are said to be linked to both cases.
(COLOMBO, July 7, 2017)


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  1. Hamban July 07, 07:44 AM

    Ranil is main culprit responsible for this impasse followed by the Deal Dhaasa and Saagala.It is quite obvious that Ranil has a hidden agenda.He wants to let loose all the rogues and the wrong doers of the Mara Regime.

  2. rasanga July 07, 09:15 AM

    so the corruption is punished not because of it should ben but rather a means of preventing rajapaksha coming in to power...i can see, some morons have already singing hosannas about this mockery

  3. NAK July 07, 05:58 AM

    This is another cart load of Sirisena's b .. s.. .He is simply try to hoodwink the naive people to show that he is in charge but he himself showed that he is not by asking for the Law and order ministry under him. if in fact he is in charge he doesn't have to ask,just take it.

  4. punchinilame July 07, 05:52 AM

    Only if the Presidents life is at stake hewill conduct inquiries not because GGdemands it

  5. Avanka July 07, 05:05 AM

    Rasheed RW is not cunning but a dump and ignorent person though he thinks he is cunning by doing this he will loose the next election and this is the final turn for him

  6. mike July 07, 04:48 AM

    Ranil is the main cause of all this crap. The crooks, robbers, rapists, murderers should have got their sentences long ago. Rajapaksha will be a disaster and the country will be in turmoil with Ranil as Prime Minister again.

  7. Don Sarath July 07, 03:23 AM

    People should know that as long as crooks like Wijedasa Rajapakse are there no one will get caught. He is good at playing both sides against the middle and making money for himself. President should sack him first. Remember the Navi arms case

  8. Andy July 07, 02:38 AM

    Hon. Mr. President, we, people knew this coming when you appointed undeserving ministers. We are not surprised.

  9. Silva July 07, 02:45 AM

    Municipal Councilor C.Y.P.Ram of the UNP also has to be investigated by the FCID INTERPOL.

  10. kumar dassenaieke July 07, 12:18 PM

    This is typical when the President Priminister are both weak,in every section of governance.They have not as the citizens are concern delivered any of the election promises.Even the PM was know to be a master in handling the economy which has been proven an utter failure,this is due to his lack of knowledge of the World politics(he still lives in a 30-40 year economic modal mindset)and also entrusting key portfolios such as Finance,Economy,Development etc to inexperienced and incompetent corrupt ministers.
    As far as the President is concern he is finding its a daunting task to govern when he himself has got NO knowledge Nor officials / ministers capable of helping him.Its clear Now US,EU,UK(West),India,installed a Weak Puppets in order for a regime change which has now back fired on themselves (India West),and bought chaos to the Country People,giving an AntiWest,Pro Russian/Chinese regime to come to power.

  11. Rasheed July 07, 12:09 PM

    Don't trust RW, he is very cunning.He had kept all the young members who supported Sajith of Ministrial post and gave only to his loyalist.

  12. cey-master-1000 July 07, 11:46 AM

    Political arbitrage - the spectator can always criticize the players on the middle of the pitch without any impunity, but when its time to deliver, can he (the spectator) deliver?

  13. Jayan July 07, 11:03 AM

    This government has not failed. The problem is we are not used to how a normal democracy works where corruption and misdeeds are exposed. Remember all politicians are rulers who tend to be corrupt under the current constitution. It is loaded in favour of corruption and control.For example the bondscam is now exposed without a change in government. Key people who were involved have been sacked or shifted. This is how a democracy should work.We are not used to it. All this was due to public action, by governance activists and the media also.The battle is not finished.

  14. Rhonda Taylor July 07, 10:44 AM

    Prez. Sirisena is an honest man. The wolves around him are absolutely corrupt and since he is sincere does not judge others. However, he himself if prey to these scums who hold high positions in the Government. We the public are still waiting for the promises of bringing those who robbed, murdered and swindled our country and those they were jealous of and spoke the truth under the previous regime to fulfilled.
    Chase those who still protect them for they too are thieves, murderers and vultures

  15. Jayasingha July 07, 10:30 AM

    UNP led govt of MS has failed not only on corruption issues of former govt: but also of the present govt ministers too.They have failed in development of the country and now it is time for MS to kick the entire govt out.

  16. rew July 07, 10:25 AM

    The longer MS puts up with Ranil, Sagala, Wijedasa, Dilan P etc, the quicker he will be kicked out and he would deserve this. Even a blind person can see who is pulling this Govt down - none other than the cunning RW. Remember how quiet he was when MR was at his worst and he was the Opp Leader??

  17. Nimal July 07, 09:05 AM

    Cannot say UNP has failed. There is greater criticism now due to the expanded freedoms. Everyone should be careful to use it to bring greater freedoms and improve the governance systems.Make no mistake. The relative lack of criticism or public anger did The country had no future going the way it had done earlier.
    The state led economic strategy would have led to a debt default sooner or later, and it would have had to be fixed. Also rule of law was much worse for people with no power.

  18. Abey July 07, 09:51 AM

    Mr President, This is puzzling considering you initiated the removal of former DG of the Bribery Comm ans she was one person who seem to be doing a good job. Now you seem to be putting the blame on RW. By the way RW must take the rap for the bond issue.

  19. Naga Ramalingam July 07, 09:28 AM

    This is very funny It shows the President is only a figure-head. He came to power with a 100 days clean up plan, and now realizes how incapable he is. Running a government is not a blaming game, it is a serious business. The motto should be to Govern or depart.

  20. Ratne July 07, 09:01 AM

    Wijedasa is better with the Rajapaksas. Sagala on the other hand is not really a crook.

  21. Dhammika July 07, 08:56 AM

    UNP has failed miserably during the past 2 years . The main reason is its weak leadership . It is better for the UNP to leave the government and so should its present leader .

  22. sacre blieu July 07, 08:48 AM

    Regretfully, the President has, whom the public trusted and joyfully brought him into prominence into this office, appointed two absolute misfits who have a chequered past. The public are much aware of this, and if he persists on going on this coarse it will lead to a weakening situation and economic downfall.

  23. Giabao July 07, 08:43 AM

    OMG. the president admits that he and his family will prosecuted if Rajapakse comes to power does this mean that he and his family has done something unlawful :o

  24. Jageesh July 07, 07:49 AM

    Elections have been delayed due to fear of losing. People are starving and dying but President imported most expensive car in Sri Lanka using duty free quota. Basically Sri Lanka is controlled by Westerners while both leaders are merely scarecrows.

  25. kumara July 07, 07:43 AM

    We all know very well that Ranil wickremasinghe is an absolute dud of a man,the UNP leader ever in history he is covering up Sagala Rathnayake and currupt Wijedsa Rajapkasa Ranil has to be kicked out from the UNP. These UNP ministers Sagala and Wijedsa they both must kicked out before they ruin the UNP absolute .....

  26. sacre blieu July 07, 07:32 AM

    In Sri Lanka politics , It Has Always Been Lambs To The Slaughter. The general population has always been made to carry the burden, taxes and other grave fall-outs from decadent POLITRICKS. The practice of law has always been manipulated to favour the few. Religion has been used to whitewash their images.

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