Monday May 21, 2018

Sri Lanka lottery SOE boss sacked

Sep 05, 2017 19:32 PM GMT+0530 | 0 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka's Minister of Finance, Mangala Samaraweera has sacked Romesh Jayawardene, Chairman of Development Lotteries board, a state owned enterprise that is part of a lottery oligopoly.

Minister Samaraweera issued a gazette notice ordering the removal of Romesh Jayawardene from as Chairman/Director of Development Lotteries Board.

Jayawardene is a brother-in-law of former Foreign Minister Ravi Karunayake who resigned in the wake of a controversy connected with Perpetual Treasuries, a firm embroiled in a government securities scam.

After his resignation the lottery firm was re-assigned to the finance ministry from the foreign ministry.


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