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Review COVID-19 lockdown after April new year, medical academics say in exit strategy for Sri Lanka

The current COVID-19 lockdown should be reviewed after the coming traditional new year, while increasing testing capacity and encouraging continued social-distancing and self-isolation practices, chair professors of medicine in six Sri Lankan state universities said today.

Computers fail to keep pace with human sellers at Sri Lanka’s Colombo tea auction – so far

Sri Lanka's Colombo tea auction, which went online due to a Coronavirus curfew ending a 126-year-old tradition is doing the job, but the digital sales process is still slower than human outcry system it replaced as market participant learn the ropes, brokers said.

Sri Lanka invites indigenous medical practitioners to help fight COVID-19; GMOA chief recommends “dum elleema” to contain spread

As Sri Lanka’s confirmed COVID-19 cases reach the 180s, the government has invited indigenous medical practitioners to explore “alternative” medical solutions to the global pandemic.

Police warn against spreading racial hatred

Police spokesman Deputy Inspector General Ajith Rohana is warning people who are fear-mongering about minority communities and distracting the authorities from the fight against the spread of the COVID 19 virus.

Sri Lanka holders of visas can travel to Korea, consular services halted over Covid curfews

Holders of valid student or work visa can still travel to Korea and enter the country after being quarantined but the embassy in Colombo said it is halting consular services.

Vietnam puts Coronavirus hit UK pilot on ECMO as Boris Johnson enters ICU

Doctors in Vietnam's Choi Ray hospital have put a British pilot whose lungs were damaged from Coronavirus on external blood oxygenation machine as Prime Minister Boris Johnson was put in intensive care as his condition worsened.

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