Sri Lanka election commission asks army to remain neutral

Sri Lanka's election commission urged the military to "remain neutral" at next month’s presidential polls after army chief's photo appeared in campaign advertisements endorsing the main opposition candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Sri Lanka declares three new international airports taking total to five

Sri Lanka has declared three new domestic airports as international airports which will have border control facilities, taking the total up to five.

Sri Lanka illegal cigarettes, beedi switching claims likely exaggerated: researcher

Sri Lanka's market for illegal and smuggled cigarettes, a consequence of excessive high taxation and import duties legal products, may be lower than claimed by the tobacco industry due to questionable methodology used to come up with estimates, a researcher has warned.

Sri Lanka approves five-year plan to phase out para-tariffs

Sri Lanka's Cabinet of ministers has approved a five-year government plan to phase out protective tariffs that were seen as raising the cost of living for consumers, hindering international trade and protecting inefficient domestic industries.

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