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Backlash over Sri Lanka TV anchor justifying New Zealand massacre

Mar 16, 2019 12:54 PM GMT+0530 | 10 Comment(s)

COLOMBO – An anchor for a television station in Sri Lanka has attempted to justify the massacre of 49 people in New Zealand by saying that it was "retribution" for exporting "poison" tainted milk powder to Sri Lanka.

The social media posts of , Derana TV anchor Chapa Chapabandara on Facebook and Twitter has provoked angry reactions, including calls on the owners of his network to take him off the air for his offensive remarks.

"Dangerous shooting in New Zealand! They must be thinking they can feed us poison and live in fun! Huh… CHAPA, March 15, 2019" said his post on Facebook.

He reposted it on Twitter too.

Within a short period of time, thousands commented on what many said was the “insensitive” post of the Derana TV anchor while a minority of Facebook users agreed with Chapabandara and cheered him on. 

Many expressed shock and disgust at Chapabandara’s framing of the New Zealand massacre as “retribution” for “poisoned” milk powder exports. 

Former Central Bank deputy governor W. A. Wijewardena said the Derana TV personality’s comments were totally unacceptable.

“Disgusting, but you can’t expect anything different from such half-educated people; if one goes by the same reasoning, SL was subject to all those terrorist attacks may be due to some past sins!,” Wijewardena said on Twitter.

Chapabandara responded with a lengthy video clip trying to further justify his comments by saying New Zealand was sending tainted milk powder to Sri Lanka.

An Australian white supremacist has been arrested for the gunning down of 49 people at two mosques in Christchurch and wounding over 30 others in the worst incident of gun violence in the country on Friday.



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  1. Ala March 18, 02:15 AM

    In any respectable country Chapa or whoever he is would have been bodily ditched from the TV job. But who said we live in a respectable country?Such s**m cannot be opinion makers

  2. Ranee March 17, 08:06 AM

    Totally against Chappa's comment and other's comments agreeing with him. This is all so very short sighted and immature comment. If a small group feel that terrorists murdering and injuring hundreds of innocent is justifiable because of some food item a country exports they are totally uneducated writing without knowledge. If they have a problem with an imported item they should boycott this product and stick to our own. eg fresh milk or UHT against powdered milk. We are a nation that has the highest per capita of adults consuming milk powder in the world. Fresh milk was the only milk for infants after breastmilk in SL 50 years ago. Formulae was new.

  3. Jayantha March 17, 06:30 AM

    Judging by his interviews, i feltChapa is a stubborn idiot. He seeks publicity just by being opposed to popular view.

  4. Gamini March 17, 06:14 AM

    Sri Lanka, like in many other countries has many uncivilized, illogical and ill-informed anchor persons. They assume that they can give their personal opinion in air and get away with it. His mentality is no difference than that of the killer himself. Justifying his view further makes him qualified to be removed from this job without further poisoning the minds of many under informed audience. People listen to news assuming the opinion in the news is justified and fair.

  5. Jag March 17, 06:00 AM

    Aren't making a mountain out of a molehill??Any kid would know to go by the broader perspective, but you have chosen this opportunity to demonise a journalist who is highly regarded by the majority of this country. Chapa's credibility and reputation is so high, you can't even dream of reaching that, let alone bringing him down

  6. Mano March 17, 04:11 AM

    Insensitive Chapa. Do not understand peoples mentality Apologies to NZ. comments are as bad as neo Nazi behaviour.

  7. N N PERERA March 17, 01:56 AM

    While not agreeing with comments made by Mr. Chapabandara which is totally out of context, I want to draw the attention on the comments by one Mr. W. A. Wijewardena, in the said article.Mr. Wijewardena, what do you mean with half-educated people? What is the specific criteria to measure on one's education and intellect? Every day we find people, so called qualified people (who have doctorates) from Harvard, Yale, and Stanford etc. making such out of context comments in the western as well as Sri Lankan media. Thank you.

  8. Jacobi March 16, 09:20 AM

    Hahaha stupid half educated liar.No wonder monkey God burnt alive the Sri Lanka cannibals

  9. Dilip March 16, 08:23 AM

    Only a stupid heartless idiot can write what this Banda wrote

  10. Dee March 16, 06:44 AM

    Must be funded by the local garbage milk powder industry

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