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Canal widening for flood control in Sri Lankan capital

Mar 15, 2018 07:11 AM GMT+0530 | 2 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lankan irrigation authorities are to widen a canal and shift a flood gate as part of measures to minimise flooding in the capital Colombo, parts of which went under water during heavy rains in recent years, causing heavy economic damage.

The project comes under the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development, which is in charge of developing Colombo and its suburbs as a modern urban ‘Metropolis’.

Under the project, obstacles to the flow of the Kiththampahuwa canal near the Sedawatta – Ambathale road will be removed by rebuilding the flood gate closer to the outfall and strengthening the banks of the canal.

It is being done with the support of the climate action committee of the department of irrigation.

The Kolonnawa Canal Diversion Scheme has been identified as a major development activities under the Metro Colombo Urban Development Project, aimed at mitigating floods, a statement said.

“Under this project, it is expected to widen the existing canals to improve the flow of storm water in the Colombo area during periods of low water levels in the Kelani River and also to make arrangements to mitigate the flood condition occurring in the Kolonnawa area during periods of high water level.”
(COLOMBO, March 15, 2018)



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  1. sacre blieu March 15, 08:55 AM

    A large area of 406 acres, of the Muthurajawala sanctuary has been secretly given as is the style these many years, and the rape goes on. This area is a natural drainage area containing some rare biodiversity.Has this greed to be allowed to go on. When the central bank of a country has been allowed to be looted,these kind frauds taking place should not surprise us.

  2. sacre blieu March 15, 07:42 AM

    Most canals are continuously filling with various debris, mostly dumped by careless people and the water is a mix of deadly poisonous run-off mix, and will not sustain any life. this water flows out into the seas around us and destroys all marine life. Look at the reefs close to the land , all are bare and dead.

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