Monday August 19, 2019

Google loon balloon over Sri Lanka in a controlled descent: official

Feb 18, 2016 15:38 PM GMT+0530 | 0 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT - A 'google loon' airborne telecom mobile telecom transmitter was brought down in Sri Lanka's central hill country with permission from air traffic control authorities under standard procedures, an official said.

Sri Lanka's air traffic control authorities assigned Gampola in the hill country for the landing to take place, Muhunthan Canagey, head of Sri Lanka's Information Communications Technology Agency said.

He said the area assigned was out of flight paths of commercial aviation traffic and controlled landing was made near the target area.

Canagey denied that it was a crash.

The solar powered balloons usually hover in the stratosphere above civilian air traffic.

The balloons were launched from South America and entered Sri Lanka's air space this week.

Other balloons are also on the way for tests, Canagey said.


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