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How the state crowds out ordinary community in Sri Lanka

Jun 21, 2016 07:46 AM GMT+0530 | 7 Comment(s)

CROWDING OUT:   The share of several economic sectors held by the state: Source JB Securities

ECONOMYNEXT - A graphical representation of key sectors in Sri Lanka where the state is crowding out the community. In some sectors such as energy, the community is forcibly kept out through a state monopoly. In other sectors state actors are kept alive with taxes extracted from the community.



  1. sacre blieu June 23, 08:21 AM

    The return to investment and the benefit of the public from these institutions are not only questionable but also pathetic and disgraceful. They are mostly playgrounds of the dishonest and corrupt, of both politicians and administrators, and the public are made to pay for these disasters and the taxes charged to cover these losses are as a result seem to be predatory in nature.

    If run according to management disciplines, like in the private sector, going by the assets of these institutions, they should show positive returns and profits. During the civil servants administrative days, every cent was accountable and no body interfered with the administration and politicians were banned from interference.

  2. Wedawasam June 22, 08:20 AM

    Sorry Giabao. That was me. I wanted to put hi Giabao and had put in the wrong place I think. These websites are confusing. BTW what does it mean anyway?

  3. original Giabao June 21, 08:42 AM

    who has stolen my name :(. of course it is obviously not prudent or required to privatize lotteries. Why i suspected it in the first place is that so far lotteries have never come up for any discussion as a govt entity crowing out pvt sector.......... but surely there is a relationship between the publisher of this document and Soros funded programs, as the owner is part of these programs and i think they even participated in harvard (brainwashing) sessions.

  4. Giabao June 21, 06:19 AM

    It is better not privatize in my opinions, unless you want to grow gambling. As said earlier, poor may end up buying more lotteries.No need for soros. UNP govt tried to do it once. And in any case the proliferation of lotteries, development lottery, housing all happened under the UNP. Soros need not advice, any person who is not servile to statism may try to do it.

  5. Giabao June 21, 05:30 AM

    Wedawasam, in that case it is more sensible to open up and promote gambling market. But then yahapalanaya govt blocked it ? However it is not sure if the Soros funded Harvard workshops to train (or brainwash) our policy makers recommended selling govt owned lotteries.

  6. Wedawasam June 21, 04:44 AM

    Giabao. Lotteries were not invented by the ruling class. However many kings from China to Europe adopted them as a form of easy tax revenues, while prohibiting subjects from having lotteries.The feeling that lotteries should be run by the ruling class with and not by the people comes from this feudal idea.In the UK which ran state lotteries for centuries, lotteries are now run by a private firm owned by a Canadian pension fund.Lotteris are gambling, pure and simple where a vast majority lose money and a tiny minority benefit. However in that sense it may be similar to taxes, where the rulers and state workers are the main beneficiaries.If lotteries are privatized, they will get more poor people to spend with many more attractive games and poor people may be the biggest losers. At the moment lotteries do not attract much criticism because they are state and serfs do not question the state.

  7. Giabao June 21, 02:53 AM

    Are they going to privatize lotteries ? Not sure if there is any country in the world where lotteries are controlled by pvt sector.

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