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New electronic ticketing system for Sri Lanka Railways

Oct 20, 2017 20:50 PM GMT+0530 | 2 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT - The Asian Development Bank is helping Sri Lanka prepare a railway ticketing and seat reservation system to replace the existing largely manual one as part of efforts to shift passenger traffic to rail and ease road congestion.

The new system will allow commuters to travel using different modes using a single ticket.

The lender, which if funding a major rail modernisation program in the island, has called for international consultants to design system requirement specifications and detailed engineering and bidding documents.

Sri Lanka Railway’s existing system is totally manual and causes delays in issuing tickets at busy stations and loss of revenue due to ticketless travel, the ADB said.

Even the seat reservation service between SLR and mobile phone company Mobitel, on which today about 90% of daily reservations are done, has only a delivery channel available at the ticketing counter of the railway station.

The consultant is required to design a system integrating railway ticketing and seat reservation with ticketing systems of other transport modes like public and private buses and Light Rail Transit.

The solution must be designed, enabling integration with ticketing systems of other transport modes allowing passengers to change modes without purchasing tickets for each mode, the ADB said.

The new system will also be designed to replace SLR’s manually issued paper tickets at station ticketing counters with other delivery channels, such as ticket vending machines, smart cards, kiosks as well as online and mobile ticketing.

It will also have provision for electronically controlled gates at railway stations which now are not fully closed, enabling passengers enter station platforms from different directions.
(COLOMBO, October 20, 2017)



  1. sacre blieu October 23, 06:37 AM

    Get this right without getting it embroiled in issues, and in the interest of the travelling public. The loss to the railway, mostly , is obviously due to ticketing travel. The public will be liberated of bearing this loss on its' shoulders. Where are those inspectors and checkers?

  2. M H Cassiere October 21, 08:44 AM

    First get the entire SLR staff into the Digital Era, thereafter introduce these Itech. It's aged staff is waste of public funds let alone funding from International agencies. If not we can be facing spontaneous strikes.

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