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Only ‘eminent’ people to be advisors to Sri Lankan ministers

Sep 17, 2015 12:44 PM GMT+0530 | 5 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s new government has decided to appoint only ‘eminent’ people and those properly qualified as advisors to Cabinet ministers, a spokesman said. 

The new Cabinet of ministers has decided to have policy on appointment of advisors to ministers and payment of allowances to them, Rajitha Senaratne, Minister of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine told a news conference.

Advisors should be people who held senior positions in the private sector before being appointed as an advisor and those who have held senior most positions in the public service, he said. 
The policy says that consideration should only be given to appoint “eminent persons with wide knowledge on the subject matters pertaining to relevant ministries who can provide advisory services and which cannot be anticipated from senior officials of the ministry.”

The policy also says only one advisor should be appointed to each minister.

But a maximum of two advisors with experience and capability can be appointed with the approval of the cabinet of ministers to a ministry which is entrusted with two or more portfolios, Senaratne said.

The policy says advisors should have a maximum level of educational or professional qualification relevant to the subject matter of the ministry.  (Colombo/September 17 2015)



  1. sacre blieu September 18, 07:55 AM

    AS long as there is fairness in accountability and value in their expertise and not at mind boggling professional fees, and mostly, when absolute necessity is a condition. In the rajapakse regime we saw all sorts of advisers who were their for name sake and enjoyed many fictitious perks and privileges, who sang for that government knowing very well the dishonesty and deception that was been displayed.

  2. merril September 18, 02:31 AM

    Why are you looking for more people to advice you, what about the people who work for the government already, that means they are not qualified

  3. R-S-S-Perera September 18, 01:51 AM

    They should be less than 65 years old.It is time the old codgers made way for the young professionals who are up to date in their knowledge.

  4. Upali September 17, 09:47 AM

    Please call applications and select leaving out political considerations if Cabinet wants to really do this. Can somebody kindly pass this to Rajitha

  5. Eagle-Eyes September 17, 01:48 AM

    Should we not start by electing eminent people. This is another PR exercise by a government that is slowly sliding towards the misdeeds of the former regime.

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