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Pilot new chief executive of SriLankan Airlines

Oct 15, 2015 16:55 PM GMT+0530 | 11 Comment(s)

NEW COURSE  Suren Ratwatte, a pilot, takes over as chief executive of the national carrier

ECONOMYNEXT - Suren Ratwatte, an airline pilot, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of SriLankan Airlines, the national carrier has announced.

Ratwatte, who took over from the outgoing temporary chief executive Rakhita Jayawardena, has over 30 years of experience in the field.

His first appointment was with SriLankan’s predecessor, Air Lanka in 1984 and he then joined Emirates in 1989, where he held several positions, a statement said. 

“With over 18,000 flying hours in a number of different types of aircraft, including the Boeing B-777 and Airbus A380, he has been deeply immersed in airline operations for many years.”

Ratwatte is a holder of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and the author of several published works.
He is also a well-known Human Factors researcher and practitioner, having published a number of articles and essays in the field. 

His expertise includes a variety of senior instructional and management roles in airlines, most recently as the Human Factors Manager of Emirates Airlines. (Colombo/Oct15/2015)



  1. avinder-paul October 20, 10:41 AM

    Mr S Ratwatte is eminently suitable for this post having several years of airline experience. Plus Local credibility, What are these no hope fellows writing? Industry experience is what you need even if you DO start at the bottom. These fellows should go abroad and know what real work is....

  2. avinder-paul October 20, 10:30 AM

    Mr Ratwatte is a fine person with the correct experience for this post. What are these yakkos talking? A person who has worked in the airline industry and has admin experience is what is required.

  3. DS October 19, 08:42 AM

    Sorry Amarjit how do we know whether you are more educated than others. Can you please disclose your educational qualifications. Whether educated or not the truth is he is CHaritha Ratwattes brother. SL Ports Authority Chairman is Arjunas brother. So is SLT Chairman who is president's brother.

  4. Amarjit-paul October 19, 04:39 AM

    I have read with shock uneducated persons writing disparaging remarks about an appointment of a leader of an organisation.In my view it is sad that we have such morons allowed to air their minds publicly.I sincerely wish Mr Ratwatte all the best in the task of steering this organisation from loss to profit and inefficiency to efficiency.Mr Ratwatte in my opinion is capable of this onerous task.

  5. perera October 16, 09:52 AM

    This is the equivalent of making a sewing machine operator a CEO of an apparel company.Pilots are the equivalent of bus drivers not management material.

  6. Amden October 16, 04:59 AM

    He may be anyone's brother but he is eminently suitable.

  7. Psycho October 16, 02:55 AM

    So we should appoint bus drivers to run SLTB, train drivers to run our railways, and Sakkiliyas to manage our drainage board.What has flying hours to do with running an airline.

  8. Wijebahi October 16, 02:25 AM

    Now they have appointed someone with field experience and qualification. Unlike the previous regime who gave huger appointmenments based on relationship to the rulers. Previous guy was old playboy who did not even have I levels. Only qualification was brother in law of president.

  9. Pissa October 16, 01:43 AM

    Not another driver.iam sure there are more intellectual than these .previous driver grinded airlanka . Ha ha we will never learn

  10. lankadata October 15, 09:17 AM

    Given the billions at stake. What we need is an airline ceo from another international airline . this is the tragedy of Sri Lanka the catcher syndrome. This guy is another UNP connected catcher.

  11. magellan October 15, 05:56 AM

    And not to forget he's the brother of former Treasury Secretary Charitha Ratwatte

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