Thursday September 20, 2018

Ricardo Hausmann on getting know-how for Sri Lanka's export diversification

May 14, 2018 16:03 PM GMT+0530 | 0 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT - Ricardo Hausmann, a professors at University of Harvard will speak on gaining know-how to diversify Sri Lanka's export base at an event organized by Advocata Institute, a free market think tank based in Colombo.

Economies grow by adding new products and services to their production portfolio , and not by producing more of the same kinds of products.

"The key to such diversification is access to know-how, but know-how often has to come from abroad," Advocata Institute Hausmann as saying.

"This is because it is often easier to move brains to new countries than to move new know-how into brains.

"In the experience of Singapore, India, Vietnam and most other dynamic economies, three channels of know-how transfer stand out: FDI, immigration and diaspora networks."
The event will be held on Wednesday May 16 at Lighthouse @LKI, 24, Horton Place Colombo 08, at 5.30 pm.


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