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SriLankan Airlines says 1250 staff left and were replaced

Jun 16, 2017 05:50 AM GMT+0530 | 2 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT - State-run SriLankan Airlines says 1,250 appointments reportedly made by its current Board were to replace staff who left and only 126 new positions have been created, despite the fleet expanding from 19 to 25.

The airline said the net increase to its current cadre bringing the total to 7,029 from January 31 to May 2017 was only 126 and many were taken into comply with regulatory requirements.

During the period its fleet had also grown 26 percent to from 19 to 26 and seat capacity 19 percent but the cadre was increased by only 2 percent.

"This number includes the Management Trainees, cadet pilots, airport service delivery and additional security personnel recruited due to the increased number of flights and the statutory requirements stipulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAASL) to enhance airside security for catering," the airline said.

"This accounts for the net inflow of 91 out of the total of 126."

"Furthermore, all these appointments have been made in consultation with the Ministry of Public Enterprise and the details pertaining to which have been sent to the Ministry prior to making the appointments."

Reports said ministers had complained at the last cabinet meeting that 1,250 appoints were made without consulting the ministers.

State-run SriLankan Airlines has historically made losses partly due to political interference and its inability to make independent decisions, there is currently a friction between Public Enterprises Minister Kabir Hashim and the current Board.

Ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa terminated a management deal with Emirates, after the then management did not accommodate a presidential entourage in a single flight by dumping paying passengers. (Colombo/June15/2017)



  1. Abdul Hameed June 16, 11:42 AM

    Outsource the whole IT Department to IBM,most of IT employees would be payrolled by IBM which will reduce the cost. Outsource Accounts department to KPMG or Earnest and young. Keep only Piolets and Marketing people under Sri Lankan airlines.
    Make Sri Lankan Airport diffent company and move all baggage handers and cargo handers to it. Make Sri Lankan carters differnet company. Once company three difffent companies are made the companies will focus must focus in core business. Then there would be no losses. All three companies should be privatised.

  2. Perera June 16, 09:29 AM

    The ministers problem is none of the appointments have been given to his catchers

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