Monday August 19, 2019

Sri Lanka Sampath Bank says fraud happened 'few months back'

Jan 29, 2019 17:06 PM GMT+0530 | 2 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Sampath Bank has confirmed a media report about a fraud at the bank, saying it occurred “a few months back” and that it could not give details owing to on-going investigations.

The bank in a statement referred to an article published on a website Tuesday morning and being shared on social media about a financial irregularity at Sampath Bank.

“Some of the information published is inaccurate and misleading,” it said.

“However, due to ongoing investigations, the bank is not in a position to disclose detailed information.
“This incident occurred a few months back and the bank has already taken appropriate measures to correct the situation and ensure non-recurrence,” the bank said.
“We wish to assure the public that we have taken steps to ensure that our customers will not be affected in anyway due to the reported incident.”

Sampath Bank’s share price ended at 239.70 rupees Tuesday, up 4.70 rupees or 2.00 percent.

The media report said the fraud had been uncovered by auditors.

It had referred to millions of rupees being siphoned off by a bank manager and others.
(Colombo/January 29/2019)



  1. sacre blieu January 31, 08:20 AM

    So, let us hear the CB about this. Will any inquiry be dragged on like the Bond scsm.

  2. Hela January 29, 07:52 AM

    Some set of people wanted to led down the bank. Public don't want to panic. Huge amount can not be debited by one employee. Two high ranking officers should authorised such transaction.

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