Friday May 24, 2019

Sri Lanka Tea Board to subsidise exporter brand promotion

Feb 14, 2019 17:18 PM GMT+0530 | 2 Comment(s)


ECONOMYNEXT – The Sri Lanka Tea Board will launch a brand promotion campaign that will support exporters of Ceylon tea by meeting half the costs of their advertising and promotional initiatives, Chairman Lucille Wijewardena said.

The campaign will be alongside a new global Ceylon generic tea marketing campaign, he told a news conference.

“There will be a separate brand promotion campaign,” Wijewardena said.

“We will do brand promotion where we will provide 50 percent of the funds to exporters.”

The Sri Lanka Tea Board has allocated one billion rupees for the campaign.
 (Colombo/February 14/2019-SB)


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  1. Tilak February 21, 06:41 AM

    We may have to look at things within a context.One of the largest useful development projects changes became a reality during grate JRJ's time. To name a few Mahaweli,Mahapola,Large housing scheme for lower income groups liberalization of a somewhat stagnant economy ect,ect,ect. to name a few.Of course there were weak points even at that time, which we could have corrected after decades .Continued manipulation of free markets to the disadvantage of the people,i.e Producers+ consumers, both,( Financial others markets + markets like major commodity markets ),sometimes the creation of valueless over priced assets,with public funds for individual benefits are significant issues that cannot be remedied by only blaming the past.

  2. sacre blieu February 15, 09:01 AM

    During the JRJ government the tea trade , in particular the export sector, was given a large hand-out by the government, likely the EDB, and some used it well and some fritted the money on non-related issues. No action or inquiry. The following governments also have on occasion given grants and assistance. No study on the use. The public have had to foot the bill, allways.

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