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Sri Lanka 'chucker' coaches Aussies against his own side

By Our political Correspondent

Jul 14, 2016 12:50 PM GMT+0530 | 9 Comment(s)

  Wearing Australian colours, Sri Lanka's former legend Muttiah Muralitharan trains the Aussie cricketers July 14, 2016 at the Sara Stadium in Colombo. Once labelled a "chucker" by then Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Muralitharan is now officially a consultant bowling coach for the very same Aussies at an undisclosed sum to pass on secrets of his former team.

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka's bowling legend Muttiah Muralitharan, who was called a chucker by an Australian prime minister, has joined his erstwhile enemy to provide secret tips on how to beat his fellow countrymen.

The visiting Australian cricket team acknowledged that Muralitharan's "truckload of wickets" (800 Test scalps to be precise) and expertise about Sri Lankan players and conditions should help them score a big success.

The Aussies are not only eying a series win in the three Tests, Five ODIs and two T20s, but reverse their fortunes in the subcontinent where they have been pulverised. Australia lost four-nil in the Test series against India in 2013.

Asked about the inputs from controversial Muralitharan, who retired in 2010, Australian skipper Steve Smith said it was great to have his "insights".

"You know he's obviously got a lot of experience here in Sri Lanka and he took a truckload of wickets and you know (he) is helping our spinners out.

"So it is great to have someone like that on board with us for this series to give us that insight."

Sri Lanka's dismal skipper Angelo Mathews played down Muralitharan's role for the rival side.

"Well I think he is doing a consultancy job and well he is a professional and he is into coaching now," Mathews said.

"So um, well I think helping them out as smithy said he has got a truckload of wickets especially, you know, when a foreign team comes it is a great help for them to get some advice."

Muralitharan was not immediately available for comment and it was not clear how much he was being paid by the Australians to part with Sri Lankan secrets of playing.

Australian coach Darren Lehmann did not appear to be  threatened by the former star Muralitharan who was once accused by prime minister John Howard of being a "chucker."

Lehmann said the ex-chucker was getting on famously with the Australians and were was even being inspirational. It is to be seen if any Australians will resort to throwing in Sri Lanka. (COLOMBO, July 14, 2016)




  1. DS July 17, 07:45 AM

    I see Political Correspondent's news piece on Murali more as an article of expression. He expresses utter dismay over Murali joining Australians, whom he calls Murali's erstwhile enemy, purely for money. Right throughout his article, he ridicules and castigates the Australians who at one time were making every effort to get Murali out of international cricket and sacastically questions whether Australians have hired Murali to produce chuckers.

    The writer's displeasure Is obvious and he castigates Murali equally for providing consultancy ( which he terms as giving secret team information) against his own country, which stood by and protected Murali when Australians were gunning for his head.

    I am sure the writer wouldn't have been disturbed if it was some one like Chandika Hathurusinghe or any other cricketer, but it is because he had seen Murali as a national icon and cannot believe that Murali would do so for money. I guess the game is so commercialized, even players like Murali cannot figure out the line between money and moral values.

    Equally it must have been a terrible feeling for coaches like Tom Moody and Dav Whatmore when the teams coached by them were taking on their own country in World Cup finals.

  2. Raji July 16, 06:25 AM

    Rohan Perera, what is your problem with people making Simple, Capital errors? Please don't waste the times of EN readers by trying to display your competency in a language which is not native to a good majority in this country. We EN readers are not interested to find out how proficient you are in the English language.

  3. Rohan Perera July 15, 09:03 AM

    Hi Lanku Fernando, I assume the word you were looking for is puritan . Be that as it may, using terms like OMG, LOL are accepted expressions in English as it evolves with technology. Both the BC and the ACBT (these by BTW are acronyms) have good business English classes too and you could benefit from those. If it would make you happy to think I am a 'failure in lot of other aspect (s?) in life', so be it. I am glad I have made one miserable soul happy.

  4. Lanku Fernando July 15, 02:10 AM

    Rohan,Thank you so much for pointing out on my typo error. If you are so concerned about other peoples English knowledge why dont you go to a platform where you could correct peoples English Knowledge not on a sports article.You are just trying to show off with little English knowledge you have I am sure you are failure in lot of other aspect in life.By the way using terms such as LoL does not suit for an ...... like you. Thanks,Lanku

  5. Rohan Perera July 15, 11:13 AM

    Praveen, Lanku,I am not sure what is professional reporting. perhaps can enlighten us. but as far as I am concerned, it was irritating to see people leave comments based on a total misunderstanding of what is written. Asking someone to take English lessons is not a derogatory remark, but just being helpful so that the person can better appreciate what is written.

    As for you Lanku, the 'P' in your Person should be a simple letter... I think you are also a good candidate for the British Council English class. LOL To learn more about me and my thoughts on various subjects, please visit my FB page.

  6. Praveen July 15, 07:26 AM

    Rohan, in the last sentence they called him an ex-chucker which implies he did at some point when the truth is his action was proven to be illegal. Also when reading through this article it really doesn't come across as the most professional reporting.

  7. Lanku Fernando July 14, 09:07 AM

    Rohan Perera, Please just make comments on the content but not about anybody else's English knowledge as no Person is perfect in this world, and with your name I figure you are trying to be someone you are not..Thanks Lanku

  8. Rohan Perera July 14, 04:05 AM

    Hi Stefan, British Council conducts a good English class. You are a good candidate for that. they will help you to read and understand English.

    You probably did not understand the construction of the first sentence. The chucker comment was attributed to John Howard. please have a Sinhala version of your website for the benefit of people like Stefan.

  9. Stefan Abeysekera July 14, 01:21 AM

    Murali a chucker? Who is the idiot who wrote this article? Murali was the greatest spinner of all time.

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