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Sri Lanka airport to double capacity with Japanese aid

Mar 28, 2016 13:27 PM GMT+0530 | 2 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT – Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has signed a deal to lend Sri Lanka 56 billion rupees (45.5 billion yen) to fund the expansion of its main international airport.

The new passenger terminal building of the Bandaranaike International Airport is planned to be open in 2020 and will enable it to handle 15 million passengers a year and ease congestion, JICA said in a statement.

The Bandaranaike International Airport handled 8.5 million passengers in year 2015 and exceeded its capacity of 6 million passengers a year.

“BIA receives 28 airlines serving some 45 destinations,” JICA said. “The BIA experiences congestion during peak hours thus causing hardship to passengers and airliners and the new passenger terminal building is greatly awaited.”

The concessionary loan agreement was between the Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Limited and JICA.

“In order to promote technology transfer and economic cooperation between Sri Lanka and Japan, JICA’s loan is provided under the Special Terms for Economic Partnership, with 0.1% p.a. interest and 40 year repayment period,” JICA said.

The loan is for the construction of a new multi-level terminal building (Terminal 2) with an approximate floor area of 180,000 m2, where arrivals and departures are separated vertically, and consists of two pier buildings, Pier 2 & Pier 3.

“The new terminal would be designed for the provision of barrier free access with many environmentally friendly initiatives,” JICA said.

It will have a new remote apron with 23 aircraft parking stands and three stub taxiways.

The new terminal building would feature additional 96 check-in counters, 8 baggage claim belts, 7 baggage make-up carousels, 16 contact boarding gates with 28 Passenger Boarding Bridges, and six bus gates.

“The project would be developed based on the concept of Eco-Airport with Japanese advanced technology and know-how,” JICA said.

The concept includes rain water harvesting for the landscaping works and recycled water from the sewerage treatment plant for flushing of toilets, photovoltaic power generation, solar energy harvesting, LED lighting, and energy efficient glazing.
(COLOMBO, March 28, 2016)



  1. Nandana March 28, 04:47 AM

    Please also pay attention to the existing terminal maintenance. During my last two visits within a span of two weeks, i found the arrival lounge, especially the immigration desks and visual display units were covered with dust and the terminal toilets were in an appalling condition wet right throughout and dirty. It wasn't the best for an international airport.

  2. garawi March 28, 03:26 AM

    What congestion is it going to ease? Colombo is a small airport and there in no congestion like any major aiport in the other parts of the world.

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