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Sri Lanka chief minister's security vehicle stolen

By Our Police Correspondent

Jul 18, 2015 16:12 PM GMT+0530 | 3 Comment(s)


ECONOMYNEXT - The chief minister of Sri Lanka's Sabaragamuwa Province, Maheepala Herath, has complained that his back up security vehicle provided by the police had been stolen right under the nose of his bodyguards.

Police said the chief minister who represents the opposition United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) told the Superintendent of Police Kegalle this morning that his backup vehicle had inexplicably disappeared.

"The chief minister made a compliant to Kegalle SP that the vehicle which was parked at his residence last night was not there this morning," a spokesman for the police media unit said.

He said investigations were underway.

However, the minister had lodged the discovery of the theft hours after a Toyota Land cruiser fitting the description of his back up vehicle was detained by an anti-narcotics unit in Kurunegala last night.

"A Toyota jeep has been seized while it was transporting cannabis (Kerala ganja), investigations are underway." Unconfirmed sources said 3.5 kilos of ganja was in the vehicle.

Whether the minister's vehicle was involved or not, senior police officials said there was a serious breach of security if the minister's security vehicle had been stolen right under the nose of his police bodyguards.

The chief minister himself was in Anuradhapura the previous evening attending the launch of the UPFA's parliamentary election campaign under the theme: "Let's power the nation. Let's start afresh." (Colombo/July18/2015 - Update II)


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  1. sacre blieu August 12, 08:02 AM

    There was a time , in the recent history of our country, where due to the many happenings of frauds and corruption, no body either cared or knew about what was happening in this direction.

    We see, today with on going inquiries , evidence is either been stolen and destroyed , some have lost their memory or gone strangely missing. It reminds one of the poem 'Paradise Lost' , but take courage in ' Paradise Regained'

  2. Indrapathy July 19, 05:26 AM

    The CM must be telling fairy tales. How can a vehicle in his own compound be stolen under the noses of his security personnelObviously the vehicle detected in Kurunegala is the CM's lost vehicle and the goods found in it is evidence of what they are up to. Drugs have become an islandwide business. Politicians are growing them in Angunakolapelessa it is alleged.

  3. Chaminda-Tilakumara July 19, 12:20 PM

    This sounds like an inside job. The minister should be questioned.

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