Thursday July 18, 2019

Sri Lanka ex-president’s son proposes to sweetheart atop Kilimanjaro

Aug 14, 2018 21:07 PM GMT+0530 | 14 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT – Former president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s youngest son Rohitha travelled from Tangalle to Tanzania to propose marriage to his sweetheart on top of snow-covered Kilimanjaro, a sibling said.

Second son Yoshitha was the first to announce the engagement yesterday atop the highly romantic setting on the highest mountain in the African continent.

“Congratulations to @Rohitha_Chichi Malli for proposing to our beloved @Tatyanalee94. Couldn’t be happier for these two,” Yoshitha said referring to his youngest brother and Tatyana Lee.

It appeared that legislator sibling Namal too was at the dormant volcano when Rohitha’s love erupted. He went on one knee and proposed to Tatyana who wore snug ski clothing.

Namal said the engagement followed nine years of courtship.

“Nine years in the making & you’re still my favourite couple,” Namal said on twitter.

“Nothing but love & blessings for you both on your new adventure. Definitely my happiest moment this year.”

Namal posted two photos of the momentous family event. He was with the happy couple in one of them kissing Tatyana on her head. (COLOMBO, August 14, 2018)



  1. MFO August 16, 06:18 AM

    Crooked or not, this is his personal life and he has all the right to have and enjoy his moments.

  2. Sanath Jayatilaka August 16, 05:38 AM

    Congratulations and best wishes for a happy wedded life. If you are getting into politics ask your father and get back to me.

  3. Capt De silva August 15, 09:45 AM

    Like I said these people like this sick and cowardly ... Rocket man has nothing else to do other than abuse.
    I wish he can reveal his true identity so that we can meet face to face and see who is the A .... All he will have is a flat face.
    Get a life Rocket man... or you may lose it.
    Suren must be a A kissing friend of yours... not mine. Also you must be some small time typist or salesman.. .. no wonder you are so under developed in every aspect . You are a waste of time

  4. Rocket man August 15, 08:49 AM

    Hello Mr De Silva or Capt Silva please stop ... of tots in public man Disgraceful to do so even to curry favor no ?This is robbed money from the people so if some fools dont see it that way that's because they too are crooked.

  5. Rohan Perera August 15, 07:17 AM

    When his father preached austerity to others and the family has no known source of extravagant wealth, one must ask from where Rohitha got money for a super luxury adventure to propose to his bride atop Kilimanjaro.
    Rohitha also has no known income to support such a lifestyle. Full marks to the Rajapaksa children for openly flaunting their profligacy without fearing any political backlash. See the contrast when seven million people in this country, about a third of the population, earn less than 300 rupees a day and struggle, and the former presidents son travels 4,925 kilometers first class to propose to his sweetheart.
    How sweet.
    If in opposition this is the opulence they display, can you imagine what they would have been doing when they were in power. Or worse still, what they would be up to if they have a second chance at power. Yes, they also got bus loads of security personnel to cheer them when they played rugby under the Rajapaks-regime.
    They got Sri Lankan airlines airhostesses to be their maids and got the loss-making national airline to pay them salaries. They were paid flying allowances for what ever ground duties they performed for the first family children. (See Weliamuna report). For those who applaud Rohitha and Tatyana, (best wishes to them), I wish your children wont turn up to be parasites on society.

  6. Rocket man August 15, 06:08 AM

    We would like to bless any couple ..... but then again the big question on how he made that kinda money is most relevant.
    Its our robbed money for goodness sake. A ... of a Captain De Silva thinks its alright to steal money and that the others here are brain dead.
    Oh sucker do you ... hoping to become another Suren and rob better

  7. Capt Vinodth de silva August 15, 10:12 AM

    Congratulations Rohitha and Tatyana. It makes me proud to see you both endure viscous words, onslaughts and unsavoury comments of jealous good for nothing wankers who have nothing else to do. Rohitha you are truly a noble young man who has stuck to his guns and proved your personality as a gentleman.
    Tatiana you are a faithful lovely girl who I have known from NCC swimming days where my children Treshan and Sarah were your squad mates. People are just jealous and I guess you all know how to ignore these brain dead comments.

    Screw them and be focussed on your journey. A sweet and romantic feat Rohitha. God bless you both.

  8. sacre blieu August 15, 09:23 AM

    He seems to have mastered the art of Romancing. Where are the roses and the ring. Good for him. Hope this bondage will inspire them to a good life.

  9. Sunil abeyratne August 15, 06:21 AM

    Congratulations to the young couple. It's certainly better to go on a skiing holiday that driving cars into lakes and getting high on drugs like the present sad lot

  10. Srinath perera August 15, 05:26 AM

    Where did this kid get the money from

  11. Burt August 15, 05:21 AM

    How the money came into being is not the issue. Now that the family is drowning in cash better put it to good use.Anyway best wishes to the young couple. Holding them responsible for the crimes of the father, uncles or brothers is not fair.

  12. mickey August 15, 01:41 AM

    A bunch of xxxx trying to impress- these morons think and act like saddam's sons and deserve to be roasted hanging by their balls. now acting like royalry no

  13. Rohitha August 15, 01:03 AM

    Bloody bullshit,,,anyone who loves his country will proposeto hs lover in his country,,not in some remote alien country ice mountain,,shows eccentrism in the family,,what we all along suspected,,

  14. dickie bird August 14, 10:27 AM

    Are'nt these guys crazy.bad enough, their antics when their father in power brought him disrepute and brought him down.All these boru show, shobana doings are an indication that they are not interested in the wellbeing of the Country nor the her Citizens.Disgusting Mr. Ex- President. Have you lost control of your sons ?

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