Tuesday August 20, 2019

Sri Lanka govt pulls advertising from Hiru, Derana

May 17, 2019 12:44 PM GMT+0530 | 3 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT- Sri Lanka's state institutions are halting advertisements private television channels, Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera has said, alleging that they were contributing to communal disharmony.

"Any media institutions trying to make a business out of racism and human blood will be strongly opposed," he said.

Samaraweera was speaking to chairpersons of state banks at the finance ministry, a video of which he uploaded himself to social media this week.
"Two television stations, Hiru and Derana, are working to a certain policy, to ruin the country in this situation," he alleged.
"At the last cabinet meeting, my peer ministers criticized me for letting the situation build up to the current proportions."
One of the two television networks confirmed that state banks have already halted advertising to them. 
State banks annually spend around 5.5 billion rupees in television advertising, and Hiru and Derana are among the country's largest networks.
Advertising professionals said that other state-owned institutions are also starting to halt business with the two networks. (Colombo/May17/2019)



  1. das May 18, 01:43 AM

    This only reveals that our media are a bunch of servile, opportunistic cowards. When you have a tough guy running the country, the media is trembling but when media freedom is given they attack the same and get the former despot back.

  2. GG May 17, 11:11 AM

    This man is destroying himself and his party, and becoming a petty dangerous and revengeful politician. He believes that he is always right. Little does he know that he knows only little. People in Matara should get rid of him next year.

  3. Godaya May 17, 10:04 AM

    And these were the guys who lamented the lack of media freedom in 2015.This is state intimidation of media outlets which does not toe toe the government line.If anyone is creating communal disharmony, arrest the wrong does and prosecute them. Like you did for Dan Priyasad and Amith Weerasinghe.

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