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Sri Lanka sovereign and company ratings

Sri Lanka Sovereign Ratings 2014 2013
Fitch BB- Stable BB- Stable
Moody's B1 Stable B1 Stable
S&P B+ Stable B+ Stable

Sri Lanka Fitch Ratings for companies

BANKS Rating Outlook Last change Last change
Citibank N.A. - Colombo branch AAA (lka) Stable    
HSBC Sri Lanka branch AAA (lka) Stable    
National Savings Bank AAA (lka) Stable    
Standard Chartered Bank, Sri Lanka branch AAA (lka) Stable Affirmed Oct-14
Bank of Ceylon AA+ (lka) Stable    
People's Bank AA+ (lka) Stable    
Commercial Bank AA (lka) Stable    
DFCC Bank AA- (lka) Stable    
DFCC Vardhana Bank AA- (lka) Stable    
Hatton National Bank AA- (lka) Stable    
National Development Bank AA- (lka) Stable    
Sampath Bank AA- (lka) Stable    
Nations Trust Bank A (lka) Stable Affirmed Oct-14
Seylan Bank A- (lka) Stable Affirmed Oct-14
Pradeshiya Sanwardhana Bank BBB+ (lka) Stable    
Pan Asia Banking Corporation BBB (lka) Stable    
Sanasa Development Bank BB+ (lka) Stable    
Union Bank of Colombo BB (lka) Stable    
LEASING AND FINANCE COMPANIES Rating Outlook Last change Last change
People's Leasing and Finance Company AA- (lka) Stable    
Central Finance Company A+ (lka) Stable    
Melsta Regal Finance A+ (lka) Stable    
Siyapatha Finance A (lka) Stable    
Senkadagala Finance Company BBB+ (lka) Stable    
Singer Finance (Lanka) BBB (lka) Stable    
MCSL Financial Services BBB (lka) Stable    
People's Merchant Finance BB+ (lka) Stable    
AMW Capital Leasing and Finance BB- (lka) Stable    
CORPORATES Rating Outlook Last change Last change
Dialog Axiata AAA (lka) Stable    
Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka AAA (lka) Stable    
John Keells Holdings AA+ (lka) Stable    
Sri Lanka Telecom AAA (lka) Stable    
Lion Brewery (Ceylon) AA- (lka) Stable    
Singer (Sri Lanka) A- (lka) Stable    
Abans BBB+ (lka) Negative Downgraded Oct-14
Softlogic Holdings BBB- (lka) Rating Watch Negative Downgraded Oct-14
DSI Holdings BBB (lka) Stable    
MUTUAL FUNDS Rating Outlook Last change Last change
Ceylon Income Fund A- (lka)      
Ceylon Gilt-Edged Fund AAA (lka)      
INSURANCE Rating Outlook Last change Last change
Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation AA (lka) Stable   Oct-14
HNB Assurance A (lka) Stable   Oct-14
Asian Alliance Insurance BBB (lka) Rating Watch Negative Downgraded Oct-14
Continental Insurance Lanka A- (lka) Stable    

ICRA Ratings for Sri Lanka companies

Company name Rating Outlook Last change Last change
Bairaha Farms A- Stable Assigned Dec-13
Nawaloka Hospitals A Stable Reaffirmed Aug-13
First Capital Holdings A- Stable Upgraded Sep-14
Softlogic Finance BBB- (lka) Stable Reaffirmed Jun-13
Sampath Bank AA (lka) Stable Reaffirmed Oct-14
Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation AAA (lka) Stable Assigned Oct-14
Standard Chartered Bank – Sri Lanka Branch AAA (lka) Stable Reaffirmed Oct-14
Prime Grameen Micro Finance B (lka) Positive Watch Reaffirmed Oct-14
Softlogic Holdings A- (lka) Stable Assigned Sep-14
Commercial Credit and Finance BBB- (lka) Positive Upgraded Sep-14
Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka AA- (lka) Negative Reaffirmed Sep-14
Union Bank of Colombo BBB (lka) Positive Watch Placed on Aug-14
HDFC Bank BBB+ (lka) Stable Upgraded Aug-14
Bimputh Finance BB- (lka) Stable Reaffirmed Apr-14
Dunamis Capital BBB+ (lka) Stable Assigned Apr-14
Orient Finance BBB- (lka) Stable Assigned Apr-14
Arpico Finance BB (lka) Negative Reaffirmed Apr-14
Lankaputhra Development Bank A- (lka) Stable Reaffirmed Mar-14
Softlogic Retail BBB- (lka) Stable Assigned Mar-14
Lankem Ceylon BBB+ (lka) Stable Reaffirmed Mar-14
Sierra Cables BBB (lka) Stable Reaffirmed Feb-14
Construction Guarantee Fund BBB+ (lka) Stable Reaffirmed Feb-14
BRAC Lanka Finance BB+ (lka) Stable Upgraded Feb-14
Tokyo Cement A (lka) Stable Reaffirmed Feb-14
MCSL Financial Services BBB (lka) Stable Assigned Jan-14
Lanka Hospitals Corporation A+ (lka) Positive Reaffirmed Feb-14
Hayleys AA- (lka) Stable Reaffirmed Jan-14
Janashakthi Insurance A (lka) Stable Upgraded Jan-14
Alliance Finance Company BBB (lka) Positive Reaffirmed Jan-14
George Steuart Finance BB- (lka) Negative Reaffirmed Jan-14
EB Creasy and Company BBB+ (lka) Stable Revised Jan-14
Vallibel Finance BB+ (lka) Stable Reaffirmed Jan-14
Associated Motor Finance BB- (lka) Stable Reaffirmed Jan-14
Bartleet Finance BB (lka) Negative Downgraded Dec-13
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