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Sri Lanka issues landslide warning after heavy rains

Oct 06, 2017 18:04 PM GMT+0530 | 0 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lankan authorities issued a landslide warning after heavy rains, saying people on hillsides should be alert in the Rathnapura District which had suffered from bad weather previously leading to heavy insurance claims.

The National Building Research Organisation said it issued a level 1 ‘Watch warning particularly in the district’s Eheliyagoda divisional secretariat division and surrounding areas

A statement said the rainfall within the past 24 hours has exceeded 75mm.

If the rains continue, the NBRO asked people to be watchful for landslides, slope failures, rock falls, cutting failures and ground subsidence.

“People living on steep slopes or close to dangerous cut-slopes should be watchful,” it said.

“People should look for pre-landslide signs like slanting of tress or posts, development of cracks on the ground or in the buildings or in retaining walls and sudden appearance of muddy water coming out from the ground or from springs.”

The NBRO advised people to move immediately away from areas where they noticed pre-landslide signs.
(COLOMBO, October 6, 2017)


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