Tuesday July 23, 2019

Sri Lanka lacks progress in protecting rights of women, LGBT community and minorities: UK

Jul 16, 2018 16:31 PM GMT+0530 | 1 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka has made limited progress towards ethnic reconciliation and lacks laws protecting women, lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender peoples from discrimination, said the United Kingdom's Annual Human Rights Report.

"Sri Lanka remains a priority country in the United Kingdom’s Annual Human Rights Report 2017," the UK High Commission said in a statement Monday. 

"Particular concerns highlighted include attacks on minority communities and the slow delivery of key human rights and reconciliation commitments".

Sri Lanka is grouped with Afghanistan, Burma, Egypt, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Zimbabwe as 'priority countries' on the UK's human rights watch list.

China, Israel and Saudi Arabia are also on the same priority list.

"Sri Lanka is one of 30 countries where the UK has serious human rights concerns and hopes to engage positively to develop human rights performance," the statement said.

The report acknowledges limited progress in the human rights situation in the island.

"The UK remains concerned by the lack of progress on introducing legislation that protects women and LGBT people from discrimination," the UK High Commission said.

The British government is working with authorities to reconciliation and human rights.

"This continued engagement aims to strengthen democracy and the rule of law through support for police reform, demining, inter-faith dialogue and mediation and the UN’s Peace-building Priority Plan". (COLOMBO, 16 July 2018)



  1. sacre blieu July 17, 09:59 AM

    Today, more and more women are involved in fraud, and crime including dealing in drugs.

    There was that time when a a number of them were involved in the stock market frauds. This was not the culture or character of our women many years ago.

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