Tuesday July 23, 2019

Sri Lanka minister calls out anti-Muslim teacher who destroyed student's property

Jul 10, 2019 15:39 PM GMT+0530 | 6 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT- A minister in Sri Lanka called out a nationalist teacher who has destroyed a child's property in a bid to enforce a boycott of products made businesses connected to the island's minority Muslim community.

Atlas Axillia, a stationery controlled by Sri Lanka's publicly traded Hemas group is one of several firms with Muslim shareholders that have become the target of Sinhalese nationalists.
"Stop corrupting young minds!" Economic Reforms and Public Distribution Minister Harsha de Silva said in a twitter.com post.
"At Badarawatte Parakrama Maha Vidyalaya, Gampaha [3,000+ kids], a racist ‘teacher’ shouted at a kid for bringing an Atlas Chooty pen."
"He broke pen in two n threw it away yelling no Muslim products. 
"I lodged complaint w Min @AkilaViraj n Sec Education."
An Education Ministry official told EconomyNext that at the moment there are no plans to raise awareness against racism cross the education system. 
Some students who have been through the school system say anti-minority hate is systematically taught in schools within and without a centralized syllabus.
Meanwhile, de Silva said business chambers must work to stop racism.
"This is just one of many disgusting examples of how racists are trying to destroy our society amply supported by cowardly competitors," he said.
"While the Min of Education deals w the errant employees @CeylonChamber n other chambers must intervene to stop racist attacks on businesses."
A Ceylon Chamber of Commerce spokesperson said that it intends to start its anti-racism campaign with a public event held next week.
Atlas Axilia, one of Sri Lanka's top stationery producers with a market share claim of 50 percent, said that competitors and those with vested interests were conducting a grassroot campaign on teachers and store owners to boycott the firm's products.
Students were even threatened with being excluded from class if they continued to carry Atlas products.
The ubiquitous Atlas Chooty pen is affordable, as its price has remained at 10 rupees for many years, despite runaway inflation and currency collapses triggered by a soft-pegged central bank.
The firm had said that it had complained to police about boycotts and hate speech posts targeting Atlas on social media, but was not aware of any legal action taken against racist teachers.
The firm said that it was disappointed in the education system which was being used to spread racism. (Colombo/Jul10/2019)



  1. Junius July 12, 10:01 AM

    Thank Goodness some Sanity is prevalent with Minister Harsha. He is an Educated US Scholar and a thorough Gentleman. Well done Harsha. You have set a Good Example. But let it not stop here. Take that Racist teacher to Court for the irreparable damage he has done to this little child. He should be Humiliated himself. Made to pay Damages.. with a public apology to the entire school at an Assembly. This is the medicine these scoundrels need.

  2. Brother July 12, 09:27 AM

    Right thinking people should get together and do everything pissible to overcome this ugly situation in our country.We have lived v. peacefully and shiuld continue to do so. Lets all unite together and speak in one voice to get rid of this menace.Schools should set up examples and take respodibility of educating children in upkeeping social / ethnic/cultural harmony among fellow students and to respect each other and every religion with equal status. Let's do everything possible towards building a peaceful lankafor our children

  3. Moiez July 11, 04:38 AM

    Thank you Minister for coming forward and gave the warning to the teacher who is a racist and blaming the children not to bring the Atlas products to the school, yes there are very few people who does this racism and other places too, this should be stopped and get the country forward, hate speech and racism has become the powerful tool after The april 21 bomb attack, but before that sri lankan muslims were living in peace and we didn't find any major issues but nowadays it has gone to worst ,even the media who spread hate speech, how can country go forward when you have racist in this country, this should be stopped immediately.

  4. Moiez July 11, 04:25 AM

    There are sinhala racist who nowadays spread and hate muslims businesses in sri lanka, but before that we did had this problem, but now its worst beyond control, There are politicians behind the scene also and they are also should be given warning too, we muslims belongs to sri lanka and we have the right to live in this country, and everytime we see there are still racist but very few who mislead the other society, what the hell is this ,its only in sri lanka these types of hate speech and racism occur, when it goes like this how come other country people respect our sri lankans also sri lanka is very famous for the hospitality and very smiling all these matters go waste when within the country goes like this.

  5. Saman July 10, 10:51 AM

    If your targeting all the muslims for Muslim fundamentalism then the all the Buddhists should be targeted for few Buddhists fundamentalists?wake up

  6. Nana July 10, 05:17 AM

    Its so good Harsha and others talk straight about Sinhala racism, but why silent about root cause which fuel all these incidents - the Muslim Fundamentalism ??

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