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Sri Lanka minister takes economy class

Jul 16, 2016 09:54 AM GMT+0530 | 3 Comment(s)

ECONOMY:  Selfie showing Sri Lanka's state enterprise minister and his wife.

ECONOMYNEXT - State Enterprise Development Minister Kabir Hashim may have set a bad precedent for his cabinet colleagues and directors of the national carrier Sri Lankan airlines who travel business class at tax payers’ expense.

When Kabir Hashim and his wife Nazly travelled to neighbouring India this week, they boarded a Sri Lankan flight, but refused an upgrade to business class even though he is the minister in charge of the airline.

The minister, however, took a selfie with his wife while strapped down in the economy section. Next time a VIP asks for a free upgrade on the national carrier, the answer is a firm “no,” Hashim has said. (COLOMBO, July 16, 2016)



  1. sabran July 19, 11:18 AM

    Nice to see a cabinet minister travelling in economy class for 45min and creating a good publicity free of charge sir plz do this on a 12 or 15 hr long flights and be a example don't be a another drama actor in parliament As a general public our intention is not to respect or block the facilities of our minister s in our country we need our ministers to do their duty perfectly. Please don't try to create drams when the country needs more better things to be done.

  2. Average Citizen July 16, 11:15 AM

    Good to know that the minister in charge of the ailing airline setting an example. Small gestures will certainly change the mind set of the people. Assuming it's not a public stunt.

  3. Jayantha July 16, 10:11 AM

    Interesting to see a Sri Lankan minister slumming like the subjects they tax and get tax free cars. The sad thing is this should not be such a big story. It is a big thing for our media and people, I guess because all ministers get into a luxurious lifestyle after getting into power.

    Apparently is a message spa in the parliament.

    I have heard that the Finland Prime Minister sat and travelled in a toilet on a domestic flight.

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