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Sri Lanka nationalist BBS a Western conspiracy: Mahinda Rajapaksa

Apr 24, 2015 11:25 AM GMT+0530 | 13 Comment(s)

LION FLAG:  Supporters of ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa's brother Gothabaya waving flags similar to Sri Lanka's national flag without the stripes depicting minorities on April 23

Colombo (EconomyNext) - Sri Lanka's Sinhala nationalist Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) was a Western-backed conspiracy to alienate minority Muslims and defeat his government, former president Mahinda Rajapaksa has said.

In an interview with the French news agency, AFP, the former leader said on Wednesday that neither he nor his defence secretary brother had anything to do with the BBS despite popular belief that the Rajapaksas were behind the group.

"Look at where the BBS travelled (Norway and the US)," Rajapaksa said. "It is clearly a (then) opposition project."

He accused JHU leader Patali Champika Ranawaka of defending the BBS at a time when he wanted to take action against the group widely held responsible for a string of attacks against minority Muslims.

A BBS office in the southern city of Galle was opened by Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, but the then defence ministry spokesman had denied government links with the extremist group.

The BBS itself had repeatedly denied it was a proxy of external forces, but Rajapaksa said he was now convinced that the BBS was actually working against his interests.

The former president said he lost the January 8 election partly because minority Muslims ditched him thanks to the work of the BBS.

Rajapaksa said he was also guilty of not taking action against ministers who were corrupt and abused their power when he was president.

"When Mervyn (de Silva) tied officials to trees, I turned a blind eye," Rajapaksa said. "I should have taken action against Mervyn."

"I trusted my ministers too much. Now I know that it was mistake to turn a blind eye to what they were doing."



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  1. Alahakoon April 25, 04:42 AM

    when BBS and Rawaya goons terrorise minorities, did MARA or Gota made single statement denouncing it? MR is a pathetic liar, he proved it so many times..

  2. AR April 24, 08:52 AM

    Is he out of his mind, look at the people who came in support of Gota to BC

  3. Lanka Watch April 24, 08:15 AM

    In reply to Patriot's complaint that BBS has not challenged TNA to resettle the Singhalese evicted from the North,you should know that some of the indigenous people who were evicted from their ancestral lands in N/E under the guise of extending security zones, are not resettled in their own lands yet and dangling in refugee camps in SL and India and the affluent fled the country, to safer countries in the west,while the same lands are being cultivated by the army even today and you may be aware that plans were afoot to build swimming pools and golfcourses and presidential palace occupying large land mass (alien to poor Tamils) in those fertile lands fit for agriculture and BBS knows this fact, hence they are silent on this matter. .

  4. Ravi April 24, 08:41 AM

    How many leaders admitted the mistakes and try to correct it ? very few. we need MR back in the game. if not Sri lanka is not Sri lankans. look at what mangala doing - shake hand with west and india giving srilalankan people the impression west is with them. chandrika want revange - she uses mithree for this. ranil never done anything significant in his political career except forcefully stay in opposition leader. ravi has no idea what he is talking ! do you want these guys to run the coutry? god bless sri lanka !

  5. Sue April 24, 05:55 AM

    Who is he kidding. Doesn't he know that this is called "what goes around comes around".

  6. Dr M.L.Najimudeen April 24, 05:52 AM

    Gotabaya Rajapakshe created and nurtured BBS. Mahinda and Gotabaya could have stopped the Aluthgama- Beruwela killings with one word. Instead they want to destroy the Muslims to get the support of majority Sinhalese. The Sinhalese are very wise people. Of the 13 million Sinhala voters only 5 million had voted and rejected Mahinda for his corruption and family monarchism.

  7. Patriot April 24, 05:46 AM

    BBS indeed must be a creation of hostile forces. It took this long for Rajapakse to realise that the BBS travelled to Norway and US to obtain support and it was set up with an "monk" unheard of until he started his anti-Muslim activities. To hoodwink people, especially the Muslims and Christians the BBS is pretending to support the Rajapakses. It has not up to now challenged the TNA to resettle the Sinhalese evicted from the North.

  8. Janaka April 24, 05:21 AM

    When BBS monks were brought before the Courts for attacking a NO LIMIT store they were immediately released stating that there is an amicable settlement. Is it a work done by Champika Ranawaka? If Ranawaka was so powerful in the govt. why he was removed from the Energy Ministry? Janaka

  9. Sam April 24, 05:00 AM

    So the Rajapaksa (who the 'US, Europe and India was afraid' of as per some new theories), was afraid of Patali Champika Ranawaka.

  10. nilanjala April 24, 05:03 AM

    Hi Mahinda Rajapakse, You have been thrown out of your throne by the PEOPLE.The people know who you are & were.So you damn get out of the politics for ever.If you are a real gentleman (no need just a man)obey the verdict of the people & go home and do not disturb the democracy what we have started to enjoy since your defeat. Just remember one thing that you are able to speak this much as there is democracy, and if it was your regime the person who talks like you would have been ended up missing by your beloved brother Gotabhaya.If the girls used once even willingly were missing forever ,what about the people talk against.

  11. Tuan April 24, 05:02 AM

    Yes,when more than 250 attacks took place towards muslims for last 2 years,MR did nothing than look the other way.When interviewed by Al Jazeera he said attacks on the Minorities were a nonsense.Muslims are not fools to be fooled around.

  12. SBB April 24, 03:55 AM

    If so why not put them on jail when you were the almighty power when they caused mayhem. Also who came to greet GR at BC yesterday?

  13. Rajiv de Silva April 24, 02:41 AM

    Ex president is talking nonsense now (not that he talked much sense when he was the president). All know that BBS was a creation of Rajapakses and that his brother Gotabhaya was the state patron of BBS. No right thinking person in this country (there are at least 6.2 million of them at the last count) will believe what this man says.

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