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Sri Lanka plans network of charging centres for electric cars

Feb 16, 2015 12:48 PM GMT+0530 | 5 Comment(s)

CHARGING AHEAD:  Electric cars being charged at a parking lot.

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) - Sri Lanka wants to set up an island-wide network of charging centres for electric cars with the help of private business and households, with a special off-peak power tariff, the energy ministry said.

Existing fuel pumping stations, supermarkets and also households could be part of the network, the ministry said. Analysts say car park operators could also set up charging centres.

Sri Lanka has given tax concessions for electric cars was reduced to 5 percent.

JB Securities in an analysis of data from Sri Lanka's motor vehicle registry data said 15 electric cars were registered in January 2015 up from 4 a year earlier with Nissan Leaf units leading the charge.

The research house expected the category to grow as taxes on hybrids have been raised.

Though electric powered cars do not pollute the air and is useful for congested areas like cities, in Sri Lanka an increasingly large amount of power is now generated by three coal plants.

At the moment about 45 percent of power is generated from coal, but it goes up during the dry season as hydro generation falls. Petrol is generally considered a 'cleaner' than coal.

After the night peak, the plants are running below capacity because demand is low until people begin to wake up early next day.

A special tariff will be introduced between the hours of 2200 and 0400 for charging cars, the ministry said.

The statement quoted power minister Champika Ranawaka as saying that attention will also be paid to electrify railways.

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  1. Sunil R. de Silva April 21, 08:55 AM

    Hon. Minister should be congratulated for taking all these novel steps. But remember the best incentive to increase the EVs on our roads is to fully slash the tax and give a grant like in UK and US. and at the same time take meaningful steps to further reduce the cost of grid connected solar. You can make solar competitive with wind and petroleum. As suggested here by Vernan, why cant the CEB and LECO purchase the excess from Grid connected Solar and wind. The people will then produce more. Remember we can have a grid with 100 per cent renewable energy.

  2. Vernan March 16, 05:13 AM

    Use solar power to generate electricity in the buildings where ever possible and also the wind power where ever could be harvested.That will be more cheap and also practicable.Other than selling electricity generated by Govt: which cost more. Allow investers to produce solar and wind turbines to produce electricity and sell them to the masses.Give intensity to import electric cars.

  3. Rajiv de Silva February 17, 10:55 AM

    Sri Lanka should go back to daylight saving times immediately. This was implemented by CBK in 1996 but in 2006 MR scrapped it on the advise of the astrologers. Daylight saving time will greatly help to reduce the night peak (at least by one hour) and save the generation cost for CEB.

    Peaking thermal plants can be used for a lesser time period of the day and also will help hydro plats to use less water when they are used as peaking. Hope Minister Ranawaka will look at this option pragmatically.

  4. seemoreclearly February 16, 08:48 AM

    We need a Drug free stable educated society before we think of electric cars. Get rid of all the Drug Mafia clean up the country and then think of electric cars or bring in the Electric Chair as the death penalty for the drugs mafia.

  5. Rajiv de Silva February 16, 03:09 AM

    Has CEB got sufficient capacity if we are to move into electric cars in a significant way ? What will happen if CEB imposes a power cut while the cars are being charged ?

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