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Sri Lanka police spokesman removed from brutality case

By Our Police Correspondent

Jan 15, 2016 21:04 PM GMT+0530 | 2 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka's police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera was Friday removed from the proceedings of the inquest into the death of a man allegedly killed by the Embilipitiya police.

Gunasekera is accused of trying to block reporters from covering inquest proceedings into the death of Prasanna Jayawardena, 29, who died after police smashed a party in Embilipitiya on January 4.

Gunasekera was not immediately available for comment, but his office denied he was involved and said he had voluntarily stepped down from cross examining witnesses at the inquest.

However, official sources said an avalanche of protests from the Editors' Guild of Sri Lanka, Young Journalists Association , provincial correspondents and lawyers forced Gunasekera, who is also a lawyer, to step down

The Editors’ Guild said that a police constable identified as PC 43120 had grabbed the notes of court reporters during  inquest proceedings on Wednesday. The constable has said he did that on the orders of the acting magistrate, but local reporters say it was an attempt to prevent them from reporting evidence of police.

Gunasekera had been sent there by the IGP himself to protect the interests of the police, in this case the accused party.

Police initially denied killing Jayawardena, but his widow has made three statements accusing a police ASP of pushing her husband to his death from the third floor of a building.

An internal police investigation has also revealed an attempt to cover up the killing with police making false entries, supressing evidence and outright deceit to mislead the judicial authorities.

Residents accuse Inspector General N. K. Illangakoon of a cover up even though the minister in charge of police Sagala Ratnayake has promised an independent investigation.

A confidential report showed that it was the police themselves who made calls to the police emergency number 119 to implicate the victim and his friends of causing a nuisance by blasting a music system.

Embilipitiya police fabricated a story that two of their men had been assaulted by party goers, but telephone records showed that at the time they were supposed to be under attack  they were actually making telephone calls.

Residents had said that the troubles started after they refused to give alcohol to four policemen.(COLOMBO, Jan 15, 2016)



  1. C Silva January 18, 01:21 AM

    perverting the course of justice is a crime in civilized countries.Perverting the course of justice Wikipedia, the free ...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PervertingthecourseofjusticeWikipediaPerverting the course of justice is a criminal offence in England and Wales.

    The offense is committed when a person prevents justice from being served on him/herself or on another party. It is a common law offense, carrying a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.What was the crime done by the ppl of Kuliyapitiya to receive this ASP. Shouldn't he be arrested instead of being transferred along with the other criminals who went along with him,

    Crime has been committed here. Therefore they lose the right to be called as police officers. This is only the tip of ice burg. There were/are thousands of under privileged lankans suffer daily basis under hands of these type of licenced thugs.

    If this happened in north or east , this would have been a racially motivated attack . terrorist are not being born they are made as a result this type of actions, then the whole nation suffers

  2. Noor Nizam January 16, 04:59 AM

    The so called Police spokesman A.S.P Ruwan Gunesekera should be instantly interdicted and removed from his post from the Police department. In accordance with the police disciplinary code and the civil/judiciary laws of the country A.S.P. Gunesekera has told many lies to defend the culprits are policemen too. When matters were sub judice how the hell can this guy have told such lies to misinform the public before TV cameras calling police press conferences. Moreover, the police should not become much involved in police/civil/criminal matters by having a police spokesman to hold press conferences every day, night and morning to relate matters that are under scrutiny by the LAW. Sri Lanka is the ONLY country in the world that such funny things are created arbitrarily. This guy A.S.P. Ruwan Gunesekera has been using the rule of the ass to make himself popular call himself I am a Lawyer too. His body language at the Embilipitya Court premises was created by him to show a media metaphor that he is the powerful guy in the Police nowadays. The Government should remove him/sack him immediately.Noor Nizam, Peace and Political Activist and Political Communication Researcher.

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