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Sri Lanka's CEB gets ADB funding for 100MW wind farm

Feb 10, 2017 07:45 AM GMT+0530 | 3 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka's state-run Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has secured funding from the Asian Development Bank for a 100 MegaWatt wind farm in the north western district of Mannar, Deputy Power Minister Ajith Perera said.

He said tenders to build the plant is expected to be floated in the next two months, Perera told parliament.

The Mannar location was estimated to be able to generate 375 MW of wind power.

The balance 275 MW will be developed with private capital.

These will be awarded by competitive tender, Perera told parliament.

Competitive tenders had already brought down the cost of wind power from over 19 rupees to 12.29 in Jaffna he said.

"Everyone said this could not be done," Perera said.

Sri Lanka's so-called 'renewable energy mafia' had lobbied the power regulator to adopt cost plus formulae and presented various arguments to push up renewable feed it tariffs, critics say.

The CEB has been resisting the tendency of bureaucratically set lobbied feed in tariffs to go up each year, while technological developments, and wider adoption brought costs down in the rest of the world. (Colombo/Feb10/2017)



  1. Rajive de Silva February 13, 10:46 AM

    The government should allow the private sector to generate, distribute and sell electricity in Sri Lanka. As long as the CEB monopoly exists consumers will not be able to have a high quality, uninterrupted power supply. Without innovative thinking, having adequate power generation to supply to the expanding western province metropolis will only be a dream. How is CEB going to provide power to the Port City, and all the other mega high rise buildings now coming up in Colombo ?

  2. sacre blieu February 11, 09:06 AM

    Like other funds and loans, it end like Gone With The Wind, and fatten the bank accounts of the privilege few.

  3. ATP February 10, 12:02 PM

    Surprise, Surprise, Surprise,I was in Sri Lanka recently on vacation with a project in hand for a 500MV self funded wing power project.I had a meeting with the chief engineer of CEB in his office on 2nd of February 2017 on this matter, and he point blank said that Sri Lanka got enough power and no outside/privately generated power is required.
    Also I was told the tender bidding process over selling price to power to CEB, and the lowest tariff bid obtain todate is Rs. 12.00 per unit. (Hope this benefit will be passed to the consumers instead of the CEB top management and politicos)Why the CEB needs to go begging for funding from ADB, when the private sector is willing to foot the bill in renewable power projects.
    The CEB top heads are shit scared to let the private sector take over the self generated power distribution in the country.They very well know that competition improves quality of uninterrupted services and lower unit tariffs to consumers, and if allowed, their existence in CEB is threatened and the monopoly of power handling is gone forever.Over to you Mr. Chief Engineer of the CEB.

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