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Sri Lanka's China reclaimed city at halfway mark; EIA for comments

Oct 25, 2017 15:22 PM GMT+0530 | 0 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka's 269 hectare sea reclamation project by China Harbour Engineering Corporation extending the capital Colombo, has reached the halfway market and the an environmental report will be open for public comments next month, officials said.

CHEC Port City, the development company is reclaiming the city following an Environmental Impact Assessment with 72 conditions, Project Manager for the reclamation at Sri Lanka's Megapolis Ministry said.

The second EIA, which covers the development of the land and building is expected to be released for public comments next month. The public would have 40 days to comment on the report.

Sri Lanka Minister for Megapolis Development, Champika Ranawaka said the reclamation was being done with a permit with a permit issued under Presidential powers.

The reclamation including breakwater would be complete in 2019, but the process of seeking investors for the land would begin earlier.

The land would be formally incorporated as part of Sri Lanka's landmass by a gazette proclamation when reclamation is complete, the Minister said. The land is provided on a 99-year lease.

Out of 269 hectares, CHEC Port City, the development company would get 116 hectares of saleable land and the Sri Lanka state would get 62 hectares. The rest would be common areas.

The reclaimed are which would have a financial city would not be administered by Colombo municipality, but a separate city corporation style unit.

A joint venture will be set up to build and manage internal infrastructure and utilities, Minister Ranawaka said. (Colombo/Oct26/2017 - Update II)


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