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Sri Lanka's ex-actress MP takes communal swipe

By Our Political Correspondent

Nov 24, 2015 17:38 PM GMT+0530 | 8 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka's out of work film actress turned legislator Geetha Kumarasinghe was cut short in parliament for busting her time limit, but she took a parting communal shot before being forced to sit down.

When repeatedly told that her allocated 10 minutes were up, Kumarasinghe nagged that she was being cut short while ethnic minority Tamil members from the north were being given more time.

"For the (Tamil) north you give 30 minutes, but we are given only 10," Kumarasinghe said after having squandered her time on a monotonous drone lamenting the lifting of taxes on imported English and Tamil dramas.

She was probably unaware that MPs are allocated time by their respective parties and not by anybody else.

Speaking on the 2016 budget, she complained that the removal of the highly discriminatory tax was somehow the death knell of the Sinhala tele-dramas which had been subsidised by tax payers using revenue from high quality English and Tamil entertainment.

She said former president Mahinda Rajapaksa built the Ranminitenna film studious using the tax on foreign programs, but failed to mention why the film-location centre set up in Hambantota had become a white elephant becoming a bigger burden on tax payers.

Kumarasinghe, whose parliamentary seat could be taken away as a result of the on-going court case challenging her becoming a lawmaker while holding Swiss nationality, also criticised the government for liberalising the import of gold.

She said the gold import licences for 50 bidders would somehow affect gold ownership in the country. However, she failed to explain her logic, possibly a new challenge for her script writer.

She also faulted the government for not taking action to secure a pardon for a Sri Lankan maid condemned to be stoned to death in Saudi Arabia on a charge of adultery. She said maids were not educated on the laws of the countries where they are employed.

Kumarasinghe is having her own court battle after being accused of ignorance of the constitution and illegally becoming a member of parliament. (COLOMBO, Nov 24 2015)



  1. asoka-seneviratne November 25, 02:34 AM

    Guys lets not worry about Geetha's comments. After all all reasoable people should admire a poor village girl acquiring high fame through sheer guts and hard work.She did not have a silver spoon.That is success. She has won dozens of awards for her acting too. Why not we dean and chase after the huge rogues who robbed our nation by billions of and seem to be getting away. Not doing so will ,ake us all look so stupid in the eyes of the political thieves

  2. Muthu-Himali November 25, 12:25 PM

    Anyone who know who Geetha was 30 years back will not be surprised by her talk, She was once described by the most renowned actor of the Sinhala cinema as the most ... woman he has ever met.

  3. Tomsam November 24, 10:17 AM

    Nangi, Tamils have more sense and better things to preach than your verbal diarrhea.

  4. Upali Thennakoon November 24, 09:59 AM

    Malki, sorry if I missed something, but where is the writer's opinion? Also excuse my ignorance, but thought it was not just who, what, when and where. It is also how, and more importantly so what?. Perhaps the writer has not explained succinctly why we should care about what Ms kumarasinghe has to say. Again, I am not a regular follower of local politics and may missed some juicy nugget about her.

  5. malki November 24, 07:44 AM

    First, as usual wrong people in politics. Unfortunately bunch of rice eating buffaloes chose her to lead them. What can we do? Moan until she goes home?Second, third class journalism. When journalists report a news they should take care of who, what, when and where. And be unbiased. Readers don't expect to see writer's opinion. If the writer has different view, publish the article under opinion column.

  6. Palitha Perera November 24, 06:54 AM

    Sam. it is clear to us that the use of the word north means a clear reference to Tamils. But, perhanps the website is writing to a wider audience who may not get the nuance as you have grasped so quickly and cleverly. Whatever the motive of the writer he or she can't be jealous of Sarath Amunugama no?, this film star should refrain making such remarks which are actually offensive.

  7. Sam November 24, 06:41 AM

    So you insert the word Tamil as it is in brackets, and call her communal? Nice journalism.

  8. Mawella November 24, 06:17 AM

    The writer of this article, probably carrying a megre envy, the way he criticises her action, by himself, We expect economynext should show views of readers but not the writer.

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