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Sri Lanka's garbage mountain collapses on slums

Apr 14, 2017 17:57 PM GMT+0530 | 2 Comment(s)

DANGEROUS DUMP:  A google aerial picture of the Meethotamulla garbage mountain

ECONOMYNEXT - A mountain of garbage near Sri Lanka's capital Colombo caught fire and collapsed on dozens of shanties on Friday as the country marked its traditional New Year, the fire department said.

Fire fighters rushed to Kolonnawa where the 300-foot (91-metre) rubbish dump crashed following a fire, an official at the Colombo Fire department said.

The army was also called in to help the rescue effort, while an airforce helicopter was also deployed to douse the flames.

A fire department official said they were uncertain if there were people inside when the makeshift homes were buried under the rubbish. Initial reports said about 40 shanties were buried in a garbage slide.

He said several ambulances were also sent to the area.

Colombo National Hospital spokeswoman Pushpa Ramya Soysa said six people - two women and four men - were admitted to the hospital, and two of them were in a serious condition.

Local residents had been protesting about the environmental damage to the area as a result of the open dump to which some 800 tonnes of solid waste is added daily.

The parliament was told recently that the Kolonnawa dump had over 23 million tonnes of garbage dumped over the years. (COLOMBO, April 14, 2017)



  1. sacre blieu April 15, 08:28 AM

    The PM also has given way to the land speculators to launder illicit wealth accumulated over the last ten years or so, with what is left for the benefit of our citizens who with the artificial escalation of prices are left in the lurch, and made worse so with the parcelling of vast tracks of land to investors more than necessary going contrary to the interest of the citizens, mainly to satisfy his ego with the foreigners.

  2. sacre blieu April 15, 07:55 AM

    Our budget is now nearing the trillions stage. We cannot seem to get the garbage issue right, due mainly, as is now usual, to make a mountain of money out of mole hill. This unforgivable man made disaster was in the making when it reached a certain point, and the solution got stretched out with cheap politics been played out. How can they find solutions to any problem when, day in and day out it is meeting after meetings everyday dragging important officials away from their work and desks just to hear the PM given a daily dose to what is now amounting to garbage, because of his attempt to sweep the bond scam under the carpet. He will sacrifice us to the vampires waiting at the gates. Even what is left of the land, in this small country,available to our citizens is been parcelled and sold off , to satisfy his ego, more than what would be necessary for development.

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