Wednesday June 26, 2019

Sri Lanka sells US$165mn in SLDB dollar bonds

May 22, 2019 18:17 PM GMT+0530 | 0 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka has sold 165 million US dollars of bonds aimed at the domestic market after offering 200 million US dollars at an auction, the state debt office said.

The debt office sold 17.76 million US dollars of 1 year 8 month securities styled Sri Lanka Development Bonds at a weighted average yield of 5.93 percent, after getting subscriptions of 30.3 million US dollars.

Another 12 million dollars of bonds of the same maturity were sold at 353 basis points over the 6-month London Interbank Offered Rate, after getting subscriptions of 13.5 million US dollars.

The debt office sold 28.3 million US dollars of 2 year 2 month bonds at a weighted average yield of 5.87 percent after getting subscription of 48.3 million US dollars.

Another 36.3 million US dollars of the same maturity was sold at 3.2 percent above the 6-month Libor.

36.2 million US dollars of 2-year 11 month bonds were sold at 3.48 percent above labor after accepting all subscriptions. Half a million US dollars of bids for fixed rate bonds were rejected.

The debt office sold 35.0 million US dollars of 3 - year, 11-month floating rate bonds at 3.93 basis points above 6-month Libor.

Bids for 0.4 million dollars of fixed rate bonds were rejected. (Colombo/May22/2019)


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