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Sri Lanka to apply for GSP+ benefits in about two weeks: Fin Min

Feb 23, 2016 14:09 PM GMT+0530 | 7 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka plans to apply for tax free preferential access to the European Union in about two weeks, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said in Colombo after visiting Germany.

Sri Lanka's President Maithripala Sirisena visited both Germany and Austria last week.

Minister Karunanayake said a trade delegation from Austria was expected at the end of March and from Germany in the first week of May.

Firm covering renewable energy, waste disposal were interested in doing business in Sri Lanka he said.

A plant by Germany's Volkeswagen expected to be built in Sri Lanka has been delayed due to the firms problems over diesel cars but may start towards the end of 2016, Karunanayka said.




  1. Raji March 22, 07:48 AM

    Has our able Finance Miniser Ravi Karunanayake applied for the EU GSP Plus? It's now 1 month since he said that he would apply in 2 weeks

  2. Raji February 26, 07:29 AM

    TKs Billa for that comprehensive and elaborate response,

  3. Billa February 25, 09:29 AM

    Raji. Sure. GSP+ they lose revenue is to reward countries that increase civil liberties and HR laws. That is the intention of the do gooder liberals in Europe who came up with the scheme in the first place. That does not necessarily mean it always works that way or that others will not use it for their own ends.
    The problem is if a population inside a country know the value of liberty they would have already restrained the state and the state cannot disappear them in the night. This happened in South Koerea while we were watching and South Koreans are now free.
    If someone externally has to push for the human rights of citizens which is something they are born with it is the serf attitude of the citizens who are submitting to the state+rulers that is responsible for the situation. In other words vahallu attitude. In this day and age people have to be persuaded to give up their freedoms to the state and politicians. Rulers do it with ideology.
    What is the bet that all countries with GSP+ have problems? Serious or otherwise?
    If the state does not mistreat citizens they would be a 'first world' country already and they would not need GSP at all to 'improve' the situation.

    Do gooder liberals have done a lot of stuff here before we were born and native rulers were able to oppress us. They abolished slavery in Ceylon, which was probably their biggest victory, strengthened the powers of the Chief Justice against the Governor and gave the women - the vote universal adult franchise etc.
    Always remember that when these dastardly, double crossing, white, imperialist, conquerors were negotiating with our native ruling class to abolish slavery we asked for 60 years to keep the slaves. Who knows may be one of our great grand parents were slaves and we cannot see freedom when we see it? May be we still yearn to be under the jackboot of the rulers?

  4. Raji February 25, 09:04 AM

    Billa are you sure that they give GSP Plus to ensure People's rights? How come Pakistan got it when they had an awful record in women's rights?Can some one educate us as to the status of USA GSP Plus promised to Sri Lanka with a Rajapaksha regime change?
    Have we applied for it or not yet? Why wasn't European Ban on Sri Lankan fish exports discussed during Maithree's visit to Germany and Austria? Or was it discussed? Was the Fisheries Minister part of Maithree's delegation to Germany and Austria?

  5. Si February 24, 09:24 AM

    Why has it taken so long to apply for GSP/ ?

  6. Billa February 23, 10:38 AM

    Raji in Western countries it does not happen like that. That is why LTTE supporters who supplied arms are being jailed for 10 years for violating laws of Western countries while LTTErs here are being released.GSP plus will come when the EU and UN is convinced that Sri Lanka will abide by ICCPR. They have said they are willing to give it before all enabling legislation is passed. But the government has to go some way to show that the freedoms are given to the people.The PMs recent outbursts to cancel licenses of TV stations is not good. However in many ways there are more freedoms around now.They gave GSP for a purpose, that is to enhance the rights of citizens.

  7. Raji February 23, 08:46 AM

    Only now Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake is applying for EU GSP plus.? What have they've been doing for over an year? What about US GSP Plus? What is the status of the removal of EU fish export ban on SL? Didn't these western countries promise automatic revocation of these restrictions and bans with Rajapaksha regime change?

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