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Sri Lanka to clear canals in flood hit area of the capital

Jun 01, 2016 12:43 PM GMT+0530 | 1 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka will launch an accelerated program to clean canals in a flood hit area in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo, which have been blocked due to unauthorised landfills and no maintenance, a minister said.

Information Minister Gayantha Karunathilaka said a study by the Department of Irrigation and the Land Reclamation and Development Corporation has found that the canals had not been maintained, which had delayed the drainage of flood waters.

In addition to heavy rains, the Kolonnawa area in the capital was also flooded by overflowing waters of the Kelani River.

Sri Lanka's Disaster Management Ministry will deploy additional equipment to remove an estimated 470 truckloads of furniture and other household items from flood hit houses. (Colombo/June01/2016)



  1. sacre blieu June 02, 08:32 AM

    The cause is the cure. Who and what blocks these channels . Those who live in these areas and who are the main complainants. However much the government and its relevant institutions instructs and advice the public about disposal of garbage, it is those who live alongside these channels who mostly are responsible. They have even bribed and built their houses in any which way they want. Politicians are one of the main culprits who encourage such illicit construction for the vote.

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