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Sri Lanka to invite bids for ‘Megapolis’ canal ferries

Jun 16, 2017 16:47 PM GMT+0530 | 4 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT – Investors interested in providing ferry services along waterways in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo under the proposed ‘Megapolis’ urban agglomeration project will be invited to make bids this Sunday.
The Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development said in a statement the ferry services will be run as public-private partnerships.

The first phase will be a service on canals from Wellawatte to the suburb of Battaramulla which is expected to be operational in early 2018.

Several of Colombo’s inland waterways will be used for passenger ferries under the Megapolis master plan helping commuters avoid traffic jams.

A ferry service from Fort to Union Place in the Beira Lake, as well as from Mattakkuliya to Hanwella along the Kelani River are also in the pipeline, as are potential other routes such as the Hamilton Canal towards Negombo.

The tender process, which is open to both international and local investors, is being supported by PPP advisors from the Government of the Netherlands, under a Government-to-Government technical assistance initiative.
(COLOMBO, June 16, 2017)


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  1. Raji June 21, 12:03 PM

    Dear Economy Next Editorial staff, Is there a censorship imposed by you on any comments critical of Ranil Wickramasinghe? 2 posts from me, one related to this article and the other on Sri Lankan Airllines still not published. I hope it only is an oversight as I cannot imagine Economy Next, an entity championing Freedom of Expression, being intolerant to unfavorable remarks on selected political leaders belonging favored political parties

  2. Raji June 18, 08:02 AM

    Maldivian Mega city Project in collaboration with Saudi Arabia st an estimated cost of USD 10 billion is being fast tracked. When that project with Ports and Airports is completed I believe Maldives will be the finanancial and leisure centre in South Asia, and perhaps in Asia as well. SL Prime Minister Ranil who earlier ordered now slow progressing Colombo Port City be stopped, will see stars when the Maldivian project is completed.

    Champlka's piecemeal Mega City will be like this, every once in a while something like this will be mooted and that will be called as part of Sri Lanka Megapolis. Sri Lanka be prepared , Maldives will overtake you in near future and future Maldivian leaders will repeat Lee Kuan's words again, saying that they always wanted to be like Sri LankaSri Lanka has only to blame herself for electing non-visionary leaders in to power and missing the golden opportunity once more

  3. Sam jam June 17, 03:00 AM

    If it's given to the private sector they will be racing each other and delay like hell till it's jam packed...Then there will be a guy like gemunu...

  4. Tilak June 16, 08:16 AM

    Good initiative it is the original ideas that move a country forward. Important thing to remember is that this service is meant for the people.

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