Wednesday December 12, 2018

Sri Lanka to sack postal workers if strike continues

Jun 18, 2018 20:39 PM GMT+0530 | 1 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT – The Sri Lankan government issued an ultimatum to striking postal workers Monday, ordering them to return to work immediately or lose their jobs.

Postmaster General D.L.P. Rohana Abeyaratne said in a statement those who do not return to work by Tuesday would be considered to have vacated their posts.

All leave of postal workers has been cancelled, he said.

Post masters in charge of post offices can get the support of the police to reopen their offices, he said.

The more than week-long strike over pay and administrative issues has crippled postal services throughout the island.
(COLOMBO, June 18, 2018)




  1. Tilak June 19, 05:34 AM

    The dark reality today is that the traditional postal services are declining.20-25 years back telegrams, areogrames,letters, traditional greeting, cards,ect ect ect were necessary itens whilst today all these have become obsolete.(replaced with newer products, cheaper, more effective products).
    The change continues.No need to mention the the decaying effect of curruption, mal administration , gripping the public sector along with a labour force that is averse to change for decades.The current strike also could hit further demand for its profitable products.i.e Cheques sent to individuals through registered post beeing replaced with direct bsnk transfers to relevent accounts , ect,ect ect.
    New innovations/best practices ,ability to change, honest efficient set of people at all levels could be the key to that elusive solution missing for decades.

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