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Sri Lanka to study erosion on beaches crucial for tourism, fisheries

Aug 31, 2017 07:41 AM GMT+0530 | 2 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT – The Sri Lankan government is to do a study of erosion in coastal areas of the island’s southern, western and eastern regions where most of its income from tourism and fisheries is generated, a spokesman said.

Coastal erosion on these coasts cause serious economic, social and environmental problems, threatening residents as well as development activities, Minister of Land and Parliamentary Reforms Gayantha Karunathilaka said.

The government is to launch a study of sediment transport along the southern, western and eastern coasts, he told a news conference.

The Cabinet of Ministers this week approved a proposal by President Maithtripala Sirisena, as the Minister of Mahaweli Development and Environment, to commence the study to prepare strategies for productive management of these coasts.
(COLOMBO, August 31, 2017)



  1. sacre blieu September 01, 08:11 AM

    This is nothing new. All governments know and the administrators know what has happened and how. This is another ruse to spend public funds on another program , as the relevant departments have that knowledge already with them.
    The issue is that they have not taken the essential action for the prevention, and politics have also added to the destruction.

  2. sacre blieu August 31, 08:30 AM

    The natural barriers against erosion have been removed by man over the years and the governments have have been a part of the destruction. Marine scientist, have also warned about this over the years.
    Even the Hikkaduwa fisheries harbour, one of the finest coral and marine life formations many years ago,was destroyed as a result. Mining of coral in an uncontrollable manner and even the removal of marine organism, including exotic fish and other organism has been a big contributor.
    The authorities act when the crisis has reached a very critical level and not when the early warning signs were visible.

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