Saturday July 20, 2019

Sri Lanka top monk demands boycott of Muslim shops, doctor should be stoned

Jun 19, 2019 07:10 AM GMT+0530 | 26 Comment(s)

SERMON:  Warakagoda Sri Gnanarathana delivering sermon.

ECONOMYNEXT – A top Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka has accused minority Muslims of destroying the island’s majority Sinhalese community and called for drastic action, including the boycott of their businesses.

The chief prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter of Buddhism launched the tirade against Muslims on Saturday during a ceremony at the Kitsiri Mevan temple near the holiest Buddhist shrine, the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy.

Monk Warakagoda Sri Gnanarathana urged his faithful not to patronize Muslim-owned restaurants saying they were systematically working to reduce the population of Sinhala-Buddhists by making them sterile.

"Don’t eat from those (Muslim) shops," the monk said. "Those who ate from those shops will not have children in the future. In another 10 to 15 years we will know the consequence.

"I may not live that long. But when you think about it, our country is destitute, our (Sinhala) people have become destitute.”

He also said a Muslim doctor in Matale had allegedly done a 'heroic' deed by destroying “hundreds of thousands of Sinhalese children.”

His comments came as a doctor who had served in the Matale and Kurunegala districts was at the centre of a sterilization scare triggered by police Deputy Inspector-General Kithsiri Jayalath.

The monk did not name the doctor, but said Buddhist women devotees wanted him stoned.

"Such traitors should not be allowed to stay free. Some 'upasaka ammas' said he should be stoned to death. I don’t say that, but that is what should be done."

"If one of our people did that to the other community, we will slice them. Laws and rules are not necessary. We should unite as Sinhala-Buddhists. We should not look at colours and vote. We should elect people who think of the (Sinhala) race and the country.”

Chamal over Gota

The monk also welcomed Chamal Rajapaksa as the next presidential candidate although his deputy, Vendaruwe Upali, had last year demanded that Gotabhaya Rajapaksa be the candidate.

Ven. Upali said the former secretary to the ministry of defence was regarded as a "Hitler."

"Become a Hitler and lead the country, even as a military dictator," the monk said in controversial comments which the temple had since tried to walk back. (COLOMBO, June 18, 2019)


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  1. Seldow June 20, 12:36 PM

    Very surprised to hear a monk uttering words of hatred while they should be spreading the message of peace and truth. Such monks will cause more problems and it is best to remove them when there is still time.

  2. Mony June 20, 11:27 AM

    We all know for sure why this one is speaking , for whom he is speaking and for what he is speaking. Truly ashamed of a monk saying to stone the Muslims. Peace be upon the Citizens of SriLankan Lord protect us from this evil people whose trying to ruine this wonderful national just for his benefits. Let's not fall a prey in hands of such racist .

  3. Saji June 19, 05:14 AM

    Perhaps the media could be a lot smarter when reporting on stories such as this that could create religious communalism. You need to understand that this is a country mostly dependent on the news and what the media has to say.

  4. L de Silva June 19, 08:25 AM

    Top monk???Never heard of this robed monkey before Disgusting filth ShamefulAnd I happen to be a Sinhalese Let's not confuse these morons with Buddhism. They are the last people to call themselves Buddhist monks as opposed to businessmen in robes

  5. Guest June 19, 07:33 AM

    I wished someb one in the likes of the late Sir John Kotelawela would lead the country. This mad monk must be the guru of Rathana Eliya and Gnanasara the Lying and racist monks who are ruining the beautiful country.

  6. Manjula June 19, 06:53 AM

    Stupid idiot. He must be getting a bulletproof luxury car from the idiotic selfish commission earning politicians.

  7. SLCitizen June 19, 06:25 AM

    These comments are totally against Buddhist Philosophy. If he wants to stone people, he should welcome sharia law. He must have been well paid and doing someone else's bidding. first make some unacceptable comments and then recommend Gota, hence transferring all negativity towards him. This is really the Anti Sri Lankan elements at it's best. do no get caught in it.

  8. Siripala June 19, 06:01 AM

    Sums up what is wrong. You don't need enemies do destroy Buddhism as the Buddha said it will happen when unsuitable persons ordain as monks.

  9. Ashamed June 19, 05:32 AM

    It is truely astonishing to see a buddhist priest in such a high position make such racist remarks against a whole minority community. To what levels has buddhism stooped to in this country. Where are the laws against hate speech? Do the laws only apply to minorities? Is he also being motivated by his support for the Rajapaksha clan? Priests from all religons should stick to their temples, churches, and mosques and leave politics to the politicians. Why isnt there more religious leaders like the cardinal in this country? We are badly in need of true leaders in our clergy and politics. It only takes good people to keep quiet for evil to succeed.

  10. People June 19, 04:02 AM

    Only The comments against the article are published. Editor why are dropping thousands of such comments. You know those are outnumbered. Biased anti sinhalese basteres.

  11. Abey June 19, 03:20 AM

    Well done mahanayake haamuduruwo Dont you at least read newspapers? They reported that the DIG and the Director of the hospital are under investigations for making up stories and spreading false info.i.e. This has to be investigated You are a priest (a head)and are you changing the KALAMA SUTTHA? I think if Buddha were alive today, he will leave this sasana, which is headed by racist, crazy person. I am ashamed to be a buddhist

  12. Jerome June 19, 03:22 AM

    If the leader is so, can imagine the rest.

  13. LANKAN June 19, 02:01 AM

    Very good advice by our religious leader, those leaders are getting free food,free temples with luxury facilities, Benz car, all free,they can talk anything what comes to their mouth. but my two son's are working in Muslim countries for more than 10 years,one son more than 15 years, their bosses treating them very well, no religion problem, So how can I boycott Muslims or Muslim stuff, my family is running by Muslim country earning money, we buy all our daily house stuff from that money, properties, my two son's wedding, their children's schools studies, each and every thing by Muslim country earning money,I too worked in KSA for 10 Years Aramco , This is very bad comment by our religious leader, id my both son's sent home who will feed them, Maha Sanga will feed, for political reason these yellow robes are speaking like this, I leave with Muslim peoples surrounding in my home town, they are very good citizens, few of Muslim extremes did this bomb blast, so for that how can we treat other all our Muslim citizens in bad way. our religious leaders must think before they put out words. Cardinal wants us to forgive Muslims. Chief priest wants to stone them to death. Where does Maithri be. good Luck Sri Lanka

  14. Zaji June 19, 02:03 AM

    This monk is doing a political game afterall.. Kurunegala muslim doctor's incident is completely false.. but this leading monk still thinks its true.. These kind of statement puts the country into more trouble and even other countries will see Sri lanka as a country of hate.

  15. Ahmed June 19, 01:19 AM

    I tell you, day by day this country is going to the dogs. We might as well migrate while we can. No point staying here and trying to build this country, or thinking about the good about the people of this country. If I build a business or factory today, these thugs will burn it down tomorrow. So what's the point? First of all we all should have values. Media has fueled this monks ignorance, and he uses his moral bankruptcy to stir up more problems. The GMOA is completely and utterly corrupt. Dr's who have any values must leave these organisation, only then can the medical community speak up and lay this sterilization case to rest. I challenge anyone to show this sterilization medicine? Google and find even of it exists any where else in the world, you will not find it

  16. Sensible June 19, 12:34 PM

    Wonder what teachings this man in robes is following? Hope he says not Lord Buddha's lest he insults the Noble One.

  17. Wimal June 19, 12:10 PM

    This priest (moron)must be derobed and send for psychiatric assesment.Is he getting a bullet proof car from pohottwa

  18. A guest June 19, 12:01 PM

    Do you all know most of the people working in Muslim organization s are sinhala Buddhists. Take any business place, there will be 90 our sinhala girls and boys working. So by boycotting, who becomes the looser? How many will loose their jobs?who will feed them? Next,even in a Muslim eatery the string hoppers are provided by the sinhalese, the piece of milk rice is done by the sinhalese. Poor people will loose their livelihood and not the sanga.So, why not you people get down all the sinhala men and women working in Arab countries? That money is also Muslims money. Stop buying oil, that's also from Arab. It's easy to say to boycott, but for generations and generations we have been living together and we depends d on each other. No group can put aside the other group and live alone. This is like a chain, attached to each other.

  19. CITIZEN June 19, 11:55 AM

    As a Buddhist citizen I wish to add more little, according to our Maha Sanga's advice to reject all from our Muslim country citizens as : Stop eating, stop buying stuff ect..from Muslim shop. ok , my question is : If all Gulf Countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman Qatar, if they suddenly sent back all our Buddhist, brothers sisters home who are working those countries What will happen to our Country Economy?? who will feed them, most of our country economy are running by gulf earning, , no one is thinking this.

  20. Nimal June 19, 10:56 AM

    Are there laws against hate speech in this country?

  21. Common cents June 19, 10:52 AM

    The great wisdom a human being can possess is the common sense. If a person in this calibre lacks it, what can we expect?

  22. Dayananda Dr Alwis June 19, 10:36 AM

    Cardinal wants us to forgive Muslims. Chief priest wants to stone them to death. Where does Maithri be

  23. REAL BUDDHIST June 19, 10:00 AM

    we are very much astonished to read this very racist views of asgiriya chapter chief prelate. these views contradicts the teaching of buddha. 'sabba saththa bawanthu sukhithaththaa' may all beings be well and be at peace is the meaning. chief prelate must apologise to the buddhists for contravening the teachings of buddha. he is promoting racism and hatred. racism and hatred not part of buddhism

  24. CITIZEN June 19, 09:40 AM

    Also stop sending your country citizens male and female to Muslim countries to ear money, currently your country citizens are earning from Muslim countries are Halal Money, what ever they eat from Muslim countries are halal foods, stop buying Fuel from Muslim countries, stop getting all donations to your country from Muslim countries.

  25. somapala June 19, 09:34 AM

    OH what a stupid statement from a leading person in this country /don't you think we a are heading back to the baberism world keep it up man lets destroy our mother land.

  26. Citizen June 19, 08:01 AM

    Oh..what a statement Reverend. Didn't you have better choice of words. Instead of calming down the situation ,now you are adding fuel. You are blessed to receive food from your dayakayas. Dayakyas will not help us with food. We have to be employed in order to buy food. Wish i had the chance of derobing you. You are not fit to be a monk. Use your bloody brains

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