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Sri Lanka tourist arrivals barely grow in June

Jul 05, 2016 06:13 AM GMT+0530 | 2 Comment(s)


ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka's tourist arrivals grew just 2.2 percent to 118,038 in June 2016 from a year earlier, with slow growth from Western Europe and India, while arrivals from the Middle East plummeted amid Ramadan.

In the six months to June tourist arrivals were grew 16.2 percent to 964,267.

Arrivals from the Middle East, Pakistan, Maldives, Malaysia and Indonesia plunged in the Holy month while growth from India was also slow.

Arrivals from Western Europe grew 6.6 percent to 29,559 with UK arrivals up 9.6 percent to 9,406. UK is Sri Lanka's third largest generating market after China and India.

German visitors down 2.2 percent to 5,461. Visitors from France were up 21.5 percent to 3,659 and Italian tourists were up 22.4 percent to 1,390. Depsite strong growth from UK< Italy and Fracne June is not a peak season for Western European visitors.

Visitors from North America was up 14.2 percent with US arrivals up 12.2 percent to 4,111 and Canadian arrivals up 16.5 percent to 3,917.

Visitors from the Middle East plunged 58 percent to 2,210 in June from a year earlier amid the fasting period of Ramadan. Arrivals from Saudi Arabia plunged 82 percent to 400.

East European visitors also fell 10.2 percent to 4,733 with Russia down 28 percent to 1,608 and Ukraine down 8 percent to 823.

East Asia rose 15.8 percent to 19,952 with China continuing to drive growth. China with Hong Kong rose 28.8 percent to 19,952 while Japan rose 9.1 percent to 2,674. Malaysian fell plunged 9 percent to 1,976 and Indonesia plunged 53.5 percent to 724

Chines arrivals were up 40 percent to 132,842 during the first six months.

Arrivals from India rose 4.7 percent to 27,068. In the six months to June Indian arrivals were up 18 percent to 172,841.

Visitors from the Maldives was down 32 percent to 4,722 and those from Pakistan was down 48 percent to 1359. (Colombo/July04/2016)



  1. Bimal July 05, 06:42 AM

    Tourist industry cannot be parasites on the poor people. Cancer patients need the money, not European tourists.If Western Europeans are not ooming better look at Chinese. And remember tourist industry is not paying a lot of taxes either.

  2. Raji July 05, 06:20 AM

    Sri Lankan Air line's planned route cuts in Western Europe will very badly affect tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka. Rather than pulling out from such destinations totally what the government should do is to rationalize their frequencies to those cities so that there is minimal damage to the tourist industry

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