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Sri Lanka tracking US$2bn hidden during last regime in Dubai: Minister

Mar 19, 2015 11:44 AM GMT+0530 | 21 Comment(s)

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Sri Lanka has found three bank accounts in a Dubai bank belonging to a 'leading family' connected to the former regime which had two billion US dollars in hidden assets, cabinet spokesman Minister Rajitha Senaratne said.

"We have learned that some of the money has been withdrawn after the election was lost," Senaratne told reporter in Colombo.

He said accounts were found in Dubai National Bank.

One family member had 1.046 billion dollars. A 600 million dollars had been withdrawn by a family member and another 200 million had been withdrawn by "broker who bought deals," he said.

Another legislator had over 500 million dollars in an account, he said. A secretary "to very important people" had a joint account with another person "famous for corruption" had another account with 500 million US dollars, he said.

Senaratne said they had information on an estimated 10 billion dollars of assets, which was higher than the country's foreign reserves being held outside the country.

Assistance was being sought from US and Indian authorities to track down assets he said.

A task force to "investigate, identify, trace, seize and transfer" to Sri Lanka "state assets and revenue" due to the Sri Lanka Government, "unlawfully acquired or procured" by Sri Lankan nationals and nominees and kept outside the country will be set up, he said.




  1. Patriot March 21, 08:10 AM

    Trial by media for political gain? Why not take legal action against the guilty if this is true? There has to be a limit for lying. This 10 billion US$ fraud accusation is no better than the 40,000 killed in the last month of the conflict story.

  2. chaminda March 20, 10:11 AM

    take a big lunch buddy you remembered for talking & not doing anything! like your big boss! and prime boss! and your side kick boss lady! and finance boss! .

  3. kawdaboy March 20, 10:08 AM

    10Bn, i don't think so. Should be 2Bn max. Now the matter should be handed over to Interpol and be done with. The seized assets can be used to pay-off debts we have taken from China and commercial loans from banks.

  4. sherm March 20, 04:51 AM

    Don't bul..shi... again, No body will get caught on your trap. What you have done so far? Only stopped Sri Lanka's development projects. Future we don't see anything good.

  5. Push March 20, 03:48 AM

    If they have evidence that a family member has withdrawn so much money isn’t that sufficient evidence to arrest that person at least? Further questioning him could unearth more evidence as to where the other money is and also who the other persons are. Before giving the news to the media these are the steps they should have followed.

  6. maf March 19, 06:43 AM

    Whatever cabinet spokesman says take with a pinch of salt. Backbiting and slandering is no good. Kathawa dolawin , gamana paen

  7. Lanka Watch March 19, 05:45 AM

    As PUSH said this kind of investigations should be carried with utmost confidentiality.The govt should publish such statements and names only when they are sure that the money can be brought back to the country and can be proved that the money found was hoarded money. Playing to the gallery can boomerang on them as hoarders may be powerful enough to challenge the govt in courts and they may look fools in the eyes of the people, so do it in the correct way and stick to it.

  8. chitra March 19, 05:36 AM

    This is what you say 'all fxxx and no sxxx'

  9. sarath March 19, 05:19 AM

    Nonsense Chain had lent to Sri Lanka USD 5 Billion and Total project was execute around mainly Port USD 600 mathala Airport USD 300 Million High ways total would be USD 2 Billion Projects how Regime could be earned USD 10 Billion. I think Rajitha trying to cover his Corruption where are he involved Fishing Business

  10. Push March 19, 05:16 AM

    This kind of investigations should be carried out with utmost confidentiality. This type of revelations shouldn't be done by responsible cabinet ministers unless they are mere media shows just to hoodwink the public.

  11. ranjithc March 19, 05:02 AM

    All big sharks are out of the net. Yahapalanaya is only talking but not walking. These stories are only to impress the public that they are clean and all others are corrupt. We need transparency, not to hide the names of corrupt people. If these people have large amount of money overseas and evidence to prove the name of the account holders that would be more than enough to name and shame the rogues of illegal money laundering and corruption committed by them.

  12. nanda March 19, 05:11 AM

    They do not know how to fabricate a lie. This amount of money was not handled in this country for last 10 years. So how do you say that there is so much stolen money in private bank accounts.

  13. Eds March 19, 04:15 AM

    Just another useless talk !

  14. Jayraj March 19, 03:55 AM

    We have been hearing this type of accusations every day, either take action or keep your mouth shut. Most of you who are now in the present government also enjoyed benefits. Remember MR said he has the files.

  15. Buddhadasa March 19, 03:16 AM

    Why have the names been released. It is true that correct procedure has to be taken to bring such people into account but no Sri Lankan specially a politician or a civil servant except a clever businessman can earn that much money. if having a such account is a true fact then names should be released, specially as there could be links with the bribes taken for projects that they were in charge.

  16. Mohan W March 19, 03:14 AM

    This Minister is a diabolical.... Only way he can substantiate what he says is by naming these people who he points the finger at without making sweeping statements.

  17. Dr M.L.Najimudeen March 19, 02:31 AM

    There will be many more investigations like this only to cheat the public. No action will be taken against Rajapakshe family and not a single rupee will be recovered.

  18. Dalit March 19, 02:22 AM

    .....will be set up. So that means task forces will bet up after the next presidential election to probe financial frauds already taken place since 8th January 2015.

  19. Asiri March 19, 02:22 AM

    Rajitha can only talk .... xxxx

  20. Psycho March 19, 02:22 AM

    I am hearing very noisy farts from politicians. Still waiting to see sxxx.

  21. nilan March 19, 01:16 AM

    Finance minister can seek a standby arrangement from this family instead of IMF

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