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Sri Lanka turns to bond-style commission to probe Mihin

Nov 01, 2017 17:18 PM GMT+0530 | 3 Comment(s)


ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka's government decided to appoint a Presidential Commission of inquiry to probe the creation and the operations of Mihin Lanka, a state-run budget carrier set up by the former regime.

Government spokesman Rajith Senaratne said ministers discussed losses of Mihin Lanka airline which was established by former president Mahinda Rajapaksa after his regime had a tiff with the national carrier Sri Lankan.
"The cabinet discussed some matters that were not previously (regarding Mihin)," the minister said. "Therefore, it was decided to appoint a presidential commission of inquiry."
The minister said the airline which began as a budget carrier had accumulated losses of over 4,500 million rupees.

The new government grounded the carrier, laid off staff, and combined its routes with the island's full service carrier, Sri Lankan.

SriLankan Airlines had continue to run losses under the current administration, which has so far delayed privatizing it. (Colombo/Nov02/2017)



  1. sacre blieu November 02, 07:47 AM

    The principal of Nationalisation is , finally to help the masses and not a selected few. In SL, it was and has been a dumping ground to help warped minds of party supporters and have become absolute dens of thieves and criminal orientation supported and encouraged by the powers.

  2. Nana November 01, 10:35 AM

    Govt Run Enterprises are always a failure, National waste Den for Corruption (to be enjoyed by ruling politicians)Why do we have to learn the same Golden Lesson again again ??If not for CPC, CEB, Srilankan etc, Sri Lanka would have been a much developed economy..

  3. Giabao November 01, 06:14 AM

    Recently it was mentioned that lack of air line capacity is a major obstacle to develop tourism. In this background this govt trims downs Sri Lankan and closed down Mihin Lanka. It looks like things got worse under current govt. If they are smarter they should have restrctured these two airlines rather than blaming previous govt. At least it they had some vision for future, Current govt can only blame others, close down or sell businesses.

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