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Sri Lankan citizens propose minimum educational qualifications for politicians

Feb 12, 2016 17:37 PM GMT+0530 | 7 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lankan citizens, long used to politicians with more brawn than brains, have proposed that a new constitution in the making stipulates minimum educational qualifications for candidates seeking election to legislative bodies.

According to a report by the Citizens Initiative for Constitutional Change, citizens proposed a minimum Advanced Level qualification for Parliamentary and Provincial Council candidates.

The report, a collection of public views gathered through a nationwide campaign that reached thousands of people through workshops, and email and letter campaigns, set the bar lower for local government candidates however, with the proposed minimum qualification being the Ordinary Level examination.

The Citizens Initiative for Constitutional Change is a coalition of civil society organizations and individuals dedicated to ensuring that Sri Lanka “finally receives a Constitution it deserves” in 2016, said the report published by the Centre for Policy Alternatives, a non-governmental organisation.

“After 38 years of governance under a Constitution that was architected purely by a handful of people, paying no heed to the needs of the populace, the Citizens’ Initiative believed that Sri Lanka has been given a second chance to witness the change they wished to see,” it said.

“Sri Lanka may never get this chance again.”

The new government, formed after presidential and parliamentary polls that ousted the Rajapaksa regime last year, has called for public views and recommendations for the new Constitution.


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  1. sacre blieu February 17, 07:31 AM

    Sri Lankan politicians have descended from statesmen to mongrels and now down to state of vampires. They think that they are elected to be rulers of their own kingdom and are permitted to go on a rampage of destruction and mayhem and permitted to, ultimately, obtain amnesty from their foul deeds.

  2. Sunil February 13, 12:33 PM

    It is upto the party hierarchy to set minimum educational standards to recruit candidates.The universities have an important role to play here by expanding their political studies programs specifically to cater for future politicins with practical training arranged through parliament and scholarship schemes set up with the help of affiliated universities in countries that follow democratic rule.We have seen in the past the enormous damage done to the country by people who are plainly unworthy of being employed to wash public latrines been allowed to enter parliament.This must stop immediately and it is the people who must take the lead by putting pressure on their leaders.I think the JVP has shown leadership in this field of late.

  3. Shanthi Kumar February 13, 04:00 AM

    This is a must.Minimum educational qualifications to be advance level and all politicians shall declare their assets anually

  4. Man February 13, 12:18 PM

    Not only a minimum educational qualification but there must be a Criminal background check included in the for politicians in the new constitution

  5. SHM February 12, 11:47 AM

    If a peon requires a minimum qualification of GCE O Level, how come an MP represents the people in the House Of Representatives without that minimum qualification. We even they hold ministerial position without this minimum qualification. I believe that the minimum qualification to be an MP should be a degree from a university.

  6. Well February 12, 11:11 AM

    At least an undergraduate degree in any related stream

  7. Arjuna February 12, 08:37 AM

    That is very brave thing. The Politicians must have at least Advance Level pass.

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