Saturday July 21, 2018

Sri Lankan pepper exporters say India imposes new trade barrier

Mar 26, 2018 15:37 PM GMT+0530 | 1 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT – India has imposed a new trade barrier on Sri Lankan pepper imports in the form of a minimum import price, a trade body representing exporters said.

The Spices & Allied Products Producers' & Traders' Association (SAPPTA) said the Government of India has introduced a Minimum Import Price (MIP) for pepper of Indian rupees 500 per kilo which works out to USD 7,700 per tonne.

“As the Sri Lankan pepper market is around USD 4,600 it is not feasible for importers in India to import pepper because of this MIP” a statement from the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce said.

“This is another measure introduced by India to prevent imports of Pepper which is allowed under the Free Trade Agreement. Besides, shipments that have been made earlier are also being subjected to considerable delay, in their clearance.”

(COLOMBO, March 26, 2018)




  1. Abdul Hameed March 26, 07:16 AM

    Do what Russia did to Sri Lanka. Block imports of Indian Vehicles. Why should Sri Lanka lose its Forex reserves. Block Indian Autos,bikes ,cars ,etc.

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