A majority of the population is with me in the battle against the drug menace – President

Speaking at a ceremony held to launch the “Sabaragamuwa Lassanai” programme at the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council yesterday (29 July), President Maithripala Sirisena said that a majority of the population stands by him in the fight against the drug menace.

 “When some responsible people in the government took to the streets against my decision to impose the death penalty for drug smugglers, Criminals, Drug smugglers and other corrupt individuals celebrated their victory”, he added.

The head of state also noted that all decisions are made to create and sustain a better country for future generations to come, adding that politicians, public servants and intellectuals should join him in fulfilling the duties towards the island.

This statement comes a few days after Sirisena received support from crowds gathered in the Anuradhapura district, on the decision to implement the death penaltyagainst drug traffickers.

The Presidential Secretariat stall at the Enterprise Sri Lanka Exhibition held at Walisinghe Harischandra Stadium in Anuradhapura gathered public opinion on the death penalty on illegal drug traffickers through digital technology. 

The stall received responses from people who visited the exhibition and of them, a majority had reportedly expressed their opinion in favor of the death penalty.

At the event, President Sirisena also provided financial sponsorship for 100 selected families to build their own houses under the ‘Ape Gedara Lassanai’ housing project. Documents in this regard were handed over to the recipients.

Sirisena also handed over the fifth-floor building of the Eheliyagoda General Hospital and the 120 – bed ward complex to the public today under the ‘Sabaragamuwa Lassanai’ program.

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