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ACJU calls for responsible social media use by Muslims

Expressing its shock over the incident reported from Chilaw yesterday, the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) today called on the Muslim community to exercise caution when posting on social media.

A Facebook comment made by a Muslim youth in the area triggered a tense situation, forcing the police to impose curfew in Chilaw till 4am today. The comment in question is said to have been an innocuous one that was misconstrued due to language barriers. However, the person who posted the comment was subsequently taken into police custody.

Issuing a statement, ACJU Assistant Secretary Ash-sheikh M. M. M. Murshid urged the Muslim community to be more guarded in their social media usage.

“We take the opportunity to appeal for peace and patience from all, and we call upon the members of the Muslim communities to be more patient and guard your actions and avoid unnecessary postings or hosting on social media.

“We condemn the acts that lead to the disturbance in Chilaw. Peace and Patience however difficult is the only way in which we can weed out the terrorist from our motherland,” he said.

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