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Activists to monitor progress on govt manifesto

The March 12 Movement, an organization working towards achieving clean politics in Sri Lanka says that it will review the progress the government is making towards fulfilling promises in its election manifesto every six months.

Operations Committee member of the Movement, Saman Ambangoda told reporters this evening that discussions on party manifestos being limited for the election period is not a good sign.

“When the elections are near the political parties present a manifesto. But most of the time after the election is won there is hardly any discussion regarding the manifestoes, ” he pointed out.

Sometimes the Opposition points out that the ruling party has not done what it promised, but generally reviewing those manifestoes hardly happen, he said.

“In order to change that culture, we have put up all the manifestos presented by political parties on our website. Therefore, anyone will have the access to it anytime,” Ambangoda said.

“We are in the process of implementing a programme where once in six months we will review the election manifesto of the ruling party and report the progress to the public. Therefore, we can educate people on not only about the promises that are not fulfilled but also of the promises that are fulfilled,” Ambangoda added.

Meanwhile addressing the press conference, Rohana Hettiarachchi, committee member of the Movement commended certain decisions taken by newly elected President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

“We would like to appreciate the President’s decision to limit the Cabinet to 16 Ministers. In the recent past, no leader attained to limit the Cabinet to 16 Ministers. We believe that this is a result of someone who is not a politician becoming the Leader of the State,” he said.

“However, some MPs who were accused of corruption recently have been appointed as Ministers as well. We are hopeful that the Government will get a clear cut decision about such people following the next parliamentary elections,” Hettiarachchi said.





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