ADB to fund design and study of rail, road and ports in Sri Lanka

ECONOMYNEXT – Manila-based Asian Development Bank said it was providing $24 million of technical assistance to design and study of expressways, railroads and ports to help upgrade Sri Lanka’s transport infrastructure over the next seven years.

"In Sri Lanka, the role of the transport sector has gradually changed from moving agricultural commodities to providing more diversified services and catering to the value-added manufacturing industry," said Chen Chen, senior transport specialist in ADB’s South Asia Department. 

"The transport network needs to better serve the towns and cities where new economic activities are being established."

Roads and an emerging expressway network accounts for 93 percent of passenger transport and 96 percent of freight transport.

The country also has a basic railway network with 10 railway lines, although almost 90 percent of the network is single track.

An improved railway transport system would complement the road transport system, both for passengers and freight, the ADB said.

ADB is providing $24.4 million of technical assistance for expressways, port access links and priority railways and ports.


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