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Air Pollution in Colombo “moderate” – NBRO

The National Building Research Organization (NBRO) reported that the predicted air quality index levels are expected to maintain moderate levels of air pollution in Colombo District from today (8th Nov) to 13th Nov. 

Speaking to RepublicNext, H.D.S. Premasiri Senior Scientist of Air Quality Studies at NBRO stated that “the air quality is going to remain moderate from today to the 13th Nov”. 

“The levels decreased from 20:00 hour on 6th November and then it again increased from 5:00 hour to 9:00 hour on 7th Nov”, NBRO stated.

The organisation reported that a team of Scientists are allocated from the Environmental Division of NBRO to closely monitor the changes in the atmosphere surrounding Sri Lanka and to collect Air Quality data for further analysis. 

Sensitive population groups such as infants, pregnant women, older persons and those who have respiratory problems are warned to take precautions since it’s likely they face health issues due to the pollution rise.

Furthermore, NBRO states that there could be two possible reasons for the rise in pollution in Sri Lanka, firstly it could be due to high pollution conditions in Indian peninsula and secondly it could be due to stagnant and low dispersion of air pollutants generated from vehicles, thermal power plants, industries and commercial activities within the country.

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