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AKD promises “clean politics” in 2020 Presidency race

Laying out a people-first platform that rejects the current corrupt political culture, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake accepted the nomination of the National People’s Power (NPP) coalition for the upcoming Presidential Election in Colombo today Aug 18.

The JVP-led NPP brings together 28 diverse like-minded organisations with representations across the country.

Addressing a massive rally at Galle Face, Dissanayake pledged to bring in a political culture that will change Sri Lanka into a country that will be safe, united and value its human resources.

He issued a clarion call to the people he said who are sad and angry at the state of the country but have not taken any action. Dissanayake said these people must not be silent but join in the movement that wants to change the corrupt culture.

Dissanayake addressed the issue of National Security saying that there is fear and suspicion in our society created on ethnic and communal lines.

“But no religious or ethnic extremist can ensure national security. They can only increase police checkpoints, “said.

True national security can be ensured by leadership that creates national unity by recognizing the value of all communities, he pointed out.

He also said that it was vital to allow the freedom of speech and thought for our society to develop. “A diversity of thoughts and ideas are important and that cannot happen when these creative thoughts are locked up and stifled.”

“That is how we can create a disciplined and law-abiding society” he added. By enforcing laws to create discipline you are only oppressing people further, he said.

Castigating the current political culture which he says “divides our people according to the language we speak, our faith, our caste and our sexual preferences” must be changed. “These are forms of oppression,” he added promising to change all that and create a new society.





NPP promises to bring in clean politics to Sri Lanka
The large crowd at the JVP-led National People’s Power Rally at Galle Face Green in Colombo 18 Aug/Facebook.com

He said that he entered politics as a schoolboy from a village near Thambuttegama and through facing many challenges he has an “understanding of the hopes, aspirations and fears of people ranging from the poorest and downtrodden to the highest in the land.”

“We are at the crossroads at this election. There are two roads open to us. One is the old, unsuccessful and corrupt way. The other is the road that will bring happiness, safety and a better life. I invite you to take the second way with us,” he told the enthusiastic audience of the faithful.

He said that the NPP will bring to the country clean politics, a professional cadre committed to the development of the country and a support base that will work towards that goal.

Dissanayake pledged that the NPP will transform politics in the country into a discourse that will be close to the people and free of corrupt influences.

The NPP he said will change the economy by developing and protecting national industries and business and “making our people, our human resource the best in the world.”

Dissanayake also said that the people toiling as “fisherfolk, in the plantations and the fields will be given dignity as we bring the fruits of development to you.”

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